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Шираюки has rare, apple-red hair and for that reason, she was unwillingly appointed as принца Раджи new concubine. Not wanting to comply with that order, she cuts her hair, leaving her ponytail behind in her house, and quickly leaves the country, deciding that she wants to live her own way.

Deep in the woods, she finds an abandoned house, and decides to stay there before setting out again. Soon after, a boy named Зен comes hurtling over a wall. But as he was clearly surprised, he likely as expecting the area to be deserted. Because of this unexpected, and rather amusing encounter, he messes up his landing and injures his arm. He is joined by two others, Митсухидэ and Кики.

Shirayuki then offers some medicine stating that she is a pharmicist, but Zen rejects the offer saying he couldn't accept medicine suddenly offered by a stranger, as it could be poison.

Shirayuki, fed up with everyone telling her what to do, injures her own arm, and to her surprise, hurts more than she thought it would but remains in a calm facade. She then applies the medicine she offered to Zen proving it isn't a poison of any sort. Mitsuhide is then seen smirking at Zen, saying that Shirayuki had gotten him good, obviously making fun of his friend's wariness.

Zen then follows Shirayuki hen she goes off for a walk in the forest, claiming that it would be a disgrace for a gentleman to let an injured girl walk around alone. hile talking, Shirayuki's hair gets caught on a tree, so she asks Zen to cut the wayard lock of hair. Zen grins mischeviously and refuses to cut it unless she tells him why she cut her hair and ran away from home. He then finds out that she as told to be a concubine.

Shortly after, they are seen in a house getting to know one another better, when a messanger comes and delievers a present from Tanburn. Zen and Shirayuki read the letter, and hen Zen expresses his shock at the pushiness of the "spiteful gentleman", Shirayui tells him that the one who wants her as his concubine is Tanburn's first prince. The present that was delivered was a basket of apples, and without knowing that the apples were poisoned, Shirayuki picks up an apple and Zen takes a bite of it, although his face betrays his being suspicious of the apples. Zen soon passes out from the effects of the poison, but not before warning Shirayuki not to eat the apple.

Shirayuki, knowing that the apple was meant for her, feels guilty that Zen was poisoned and willingly goes back to Prince Raji with the messenger to obtain the cure for Zen.

Once she reaches the castle and finally talks to Prince Raji, he says that he will give her the antidote if she admits to wanting to be his concubine. Thinking that there was no other way to get the antidote out of him, she is about to give in when Zen kicks the door open yelling "I oppose!"

It turns out that Zen had been accustomes to poisons over the span of his life and has built a sort of immunity to them (something that is not neccesarily rare among royals, noble and aristocrats, mainly for defense against assasination). While Zen is confronting Prince Raji about the despicable way he treated Shirayuki, he reveals himself to be the second prince of the neighboring country, Clarines (Shirayuki assumes that he forgot who he was, but he assures her that he is sober). Zen makes Prince Raji swear to never involve himself with Shirayuki ever again, or speak her name, with Mitsuhide and Kiki standing by with blades drawn at Prince Raji's messenger. Zen also addresses Raji as "Stupid Prince", demonstrating a lack of respect for the prince of Tanburn, as well as his on confidence.

When Zen is done talking to Raji, he gives Shirayuki the chance to express how she feels about the entire matter. In response she shoves an apple at Raji's face, demanding that the antidote be given to Zen.

Once Zen is treated, Shirayuki apologizes to Zen sayin "I was only poison to you." Immediately, Zen tells her that she's wrong (but first turns it into a joke by comparing the poisoned red apple he ate to her hair, asking if he is supposed to laugh at her calling herself poison, he then cracks another joke and says that next time he will have Mitsuhide peel the fruits before he eats them), that meeting her was fate and he is happy about it. He then says to Shirayuki, it is up to her to decide her own fate, and decide what road she wants to walk down.

At the end of the chapter, it finishes off on a comedic note with Mistuhide saying that Zen was just showing off and that his immediate fate would be returning to the castle. In which Kiki says that Zen had snuck out for a few days and they all would surely suffer punishment when they returned.

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