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In the beginning of this chapter Shirayuki visits Zen at the Wistal castle, and earns much surprise from the guards at the gate due to her red hair. They let her in immediately, informed that a red haired girl was coming to visit Prince Zen. Once inside, she meets with Zen who was currently trying to escape the castle and his duties, claiming that his body would become too stiff if he didn't exercise a bit. They are quickly caught by Mitsuhide and Kiki , and while Shirayuki and Kiki were talking, Shirayuki informs them of her upcoming trip out of town.

Zen, surprised by this news, says that he was sneaking out to accompany her, but now that he is caught he can only see her off at the port. Once they arrive there, Shirayuki tells Zen that she wishes to become a Pharmacist of the Imperial court, and that she can't use the guest title to get into the castle forever. Zen smiles and urges her to do so.

Once Shirayuki arrives at her destination, she immediately gains the attention of everyone around her due to her red hair. The news of a girl with red hair in town spreads to everyones ears, and the attention of a certain man is gained.

While Shirayuki is by herself in the mountains studying some medicinal herbs she found, a man suddenly appears behind her and claims that her red hair could be useful. Shirayuki doesn't have anytime to react because the man quickly knocks her out and takes her away.

Later, Shirayuki awakens in a barred off room, not knowing where she is. She looks around and sees the man that kidnapped her on the others side of the bars. He turns his head, notices that she is awake and introduces himself as Mihaya . Shirayuki asks if he has any business with her and he says the he intends to present her which is a nicer way of saying that he plans to sell her.

Waiting for the right chance, Shirayuki unties her binds, grabs a glass bottle and throws it at a fire above Mihaya, resulting in the fire and broken glass falling upon him. Without hesitation, Shirayuki escapes from him. As she runs she desperately tries to find an exit but all the doors are locked. Knowing that she would be caught soon if she kept running around, she quickly makes use of her medicinal herbs, and makes a gas poison which will dull a persons senses. When Mihaya finds her, she breaks the container of her poison and it quickly takes effect on Mihaya. She takes this chance and runs away again. She finds a window on the second floor and quickly jumps out, landing unharmed, only to be caught by him outside.

She trys to run again, but to evail, he pushes her agaist a wall and hold a torch next to her head. Mihaya tells her that even if she escapes from him, surely someone else would come after her. He advises her to leave with him so that at least she might be sold to royalty. Before she could reply, Zen suddenly appears and quickly uses his sword to knock down the lit torch. Zen then elbows him in the chest, making him fall to the ground and walks over to Shirayuki, addressing her casually. He asks if she is hurt anywhere and she quickly says that she is fine. Zen turns his attention to Mihaya and tells him that Shirayuki is not a tool for him to make money with.

They take him down the mountain,and he is taken away by the guards, leaving Zen and Shirayuki alone. Noticing that Zen is mad, Shirayuki quickly tries to thank him for saving her but he says there is no need, he only wants to know that answer to the question that Mihaya asked her before he was taken away. The question being, "Where's the place you said you'd decided to go?" Shirayuki says that's the reason she came to Zen's country is that she wants to know how the people live there and that she will find a place where that comes true.

The chapter ends with Zen taking Shirayuki's hand, saying that he would be grateful if she could find that place and thanking her for staying safe for him.

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