After passing her exam, Shirayuki proudly presents Zen, Mitsuhide, and Kiki with her new Palace ID which reads "Clarines Kingdom, Wistal Court, Pharmacist". She can now come and go from the palace as she pleases on her own power. She now will live on castle grounds but not directly inside the palace.

Arriving for their first day as apprentices, Shirayuki and Higata are welcomed by Garrack and Yatsufusa. Shirayuki is led away to her superior who she will be working directly under, Ryuu. Ryuu, only twelve, is a respected pharmacist and a child prodigy. He is busy on the floor reading charts and notes that Shirayuki realizes are hand written by him. Shirayuki is very formal when speaking because he is her superior but Ryuu quickly corrects her, pointing out that as a child, it is strange. She agrees to drop the honorifics and begins to help clean up the office space. Garrack is seen listening from the other side of the door while Yatsufusa criticizes her for being unprofessional.

Later Shirayuki has lunch with the group and tells them about her assignments. Zen comments on how her superior is, noticing that the name is male. Kiki comments that she has seen him and he's young, which immediately grabs Zen's attention until Shirayuki mentions that he is only twelve. Mitsuhide quietly pokes fun at Zen and his jealousy.

When returning to the office, Shirayuki notices a framed, pressed Yura Shigure flower on Ryuu's wall. The flower which blooms and "extraordinary red". She questions Ryuu and he tells her it is his favorite for sparking his interest in medicinal plants. Shirayuki notices that when they walk throughout the castle Ryuu often hides his face behind a book not wanting to be seen.While gathering herbs, Ryuu gives a very deep belief in time spent with nature and reveals he has always gained more from time with nature than with people. Shirayuki is intrigued but Ryuu seems embarrassed at what he has said aloud.

Later an ill official comes to the office seeking medicine. When Shirayuki fetches Ryuu the official is petrified and reacts suddenly with fear. As Ryuu prepares the medicine behind closed doors with Shirayuki, he comments that it is difficult for him to do. She doesn't understand as he easily makes the medicine and then delivers it to the man. The shaking man drops the glass of liquid medicine, shattering it. With a glare Ryuu refuses to make another and tells Shirayuki to make the man comfortable until someone else is available.

As she sits with the official, he tells her how frightening that boy is. He is suspicious having intellegence and emotions unbefitting of a child, but his interest in poisonous plants is the worst. No one in the castle trusts his medicine and many believe he tests poisons on unsuspecting patients. Heavily offended, Shirayuki puts him in his place explaining that poison in plants are used as medicine in humans. She demands with a terrifying aura that he take it back, and frightened, he does. Ryuu tells her she shouldn't be offend to which she calls him ridiculous, confusing and shocking him.

Zen pops in to see Shirayuki leaving in a fuss. He and Ryuu sit and talk together. Ryuu explains that he doesn't understand people well and thinks his heightened intelligence cripple his social skills. Zen shares that with Shirayuki if he doesn't understand her, it's best to ask. Zen leaves him with that food for thought.

Back in the office, Garrack gives Shirayuki Zen's medical history to read up on since she is most likely to be with him in an emergency. the file reveals that Zen has been purposely poisoned over and over throughout his life to build immunity, but also to study the results of poisons. The horrors and side effects he endured brings her to tears as she reads. Ryuu walks in and sees her crying, scared he runs to find Zen because he doesn't know how to handle the situation. Zen appears in the office window, but Shirayuki will not look at him, she doesn't want him to see her crying. He takes her in his arms and promises that it is over and that he will stay with her until she finishes reading it.

When she finishes, Zen tells her about Ryuu and how worried he was. Shirayuki runs to where Ryuu is, afraid that she frightened him. She thanks him for running for her, making him smile, for the first time we see.

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