Shuka enters the kitchen to find Shirayuki preparing special food to help the soldiers recover fully. Later she sits and takes the pulse of soldiers who will need to return to work. After getting a pass to begin working again, one argues that he needs more rest, his heart rate was normal only because a pretty girl was holding his hand, raising it.

At her desk, Shirayuki is buried in paperwork, documenting the soldiers illness and recovery. She begins to fall asleep on her papers but Zen walks in shocking her awake. Shirayuki notes that they are all recovering quickly because they are in good shape from their training.

after Zen leaves Shirayuki begins to have trouble getting around. She hasn't been sleeping and has not taken the medicine she gave the soldier. With too much to do, she continues to work.

As she struggles to carry a large box full of papers across the courtyard, her fingers slip and it smashes down on her foot. Obi sees her struggling and wonders if she is ok. He's not supposed to be around Shirayuki since the last time they met he shot at her with an arrow. But as he begins to leave and fetch Zen Shirayuki begins to collapse, Obi catches her mid fall and stands her straight again.

Realizing his mistake and that he will get yelled at by Zen, he hides when someone calls for Shirayuki from the window. Zen waves at her from the window but was confused at what she was doing down there. When Obi comes back out, he tells Shirayuki she doesn't look well. She tells him not to tell anyone, she will rest when everything that needs to be done has been done.

While discussing patrol paths with the soldiers, Zen overhears Shuka explain that there is none of Shirayuki's food left, because she makes it just in time for every shift to have when they wake. Realizing what this may mean Zen asks if all shifts have received it regularly, to which they answer yes. Kiki notes that it's been three days since they began getting it from Shirayuki. Everyone realizes that Shirayuki doesn't sleep.

Zen finds Shirayuki and takes her to her bedroom, has her sit on the bed and asks to take her pulse. He makes her close her eyes and begins counting. After a few seconds she falls asleep sitting up. Zen lays her into the bad and the fort's doctor comes to give her a rag for her fever. When she wakes up, confused, she hears all the soldiers questioning about her down the hall. Zen greets her from the door, and the doctor comes in to check on her. Shirayuki still has a fever and he tells her she needs to rest for the night. Zen says he will stay with her. Seeing a sneaky Mitsuhide around the corner, he tells him to leave too.

Shirayuki looks ill, Zen sits on the bed and apologizes for not noticing sooner, but then scolds her for not saying anything. She apologizes and Zen thanks her for her work and assures her that even if she rests a long time, she still helped a lot. Zen then takes and kisses her hand making Shirayuki blush, then they share a sweet moment together.

As the group prepares to leave, Shuka excitedly promises to write Shirayuki. Shirayuki who is still recovering, is taken back by coach. At Wistal Castle, guards and workers are confused why Zen has returned through a different gate, only to hear that it was not Zen. Lord Haruka welcomes the First Prince, Izana, back into the palace.

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