An assistant briefs First Prince Izana on happening at the castle while he was away. When asked if anything unusual happened, he tells Izana about Shirayuki. After hearing about he friendship with Zen, he becomes suspicious of her.

Shirayuki and Zen chat about being back at the castle after spending so much time away at Fort Raxd. Higata strolls by greeting Shirayuki and asking about her friend shocking Zen. When she tells him that Zen is the Second Prince, Higata apologizes for being so casual and leaves quickly. Zen tells Shirayuki she could have told him that first but she reminds him that in her mind he isn't the prince or her friend, he is both. Zen is jealous thinking about Shirayuki being with Higata and other guys at work.

Zen tells Shirayuki he will be busy and that it might be a long time before they can see each other again. After thinking for a moment she says goodbye, confusing Zen who expects her to be more upset about it. He tells her to be more sad, to which she replies she doesn't know how. Left with an awkward moment, Zen says goodbye with a smile and leaves.

While walking with Mitsuhide, Zen realizes the guards are in strange places around the castle grounds. After being denied access to a wing in the castle, Zen tells Kiki and Mitsuhide to prepare themselves realizing his brother has returned.

Meanwhile Shirayuki and Ryuu chase papers that are blowing all over a courtyard. One of them smacks Shirayuki in the face and someone pulls it off. She expects Ryuu but when she can see, she sees a strangers face. Ryuu recognizes Izana, but Izana motions to him to be quiet. She thanks him unknowingly as he leaves.

Obi is bored and laying around in a tree when a sharp rock strikes his face. Before he has the chance to investigate, Zen calls for him to come out from the trees. Zen snatches his hat then tells him to clean himself up and stay out of the trees. Confused Obi stays in the office as Zen, Kiki and Mitsuhide go to meet with Izana.

As they enter, there is much tension between the two brothers. While they chat, an attendant fetches Shirayuki. She is told to change which confuses her, assuming Zen is the one who called for her but she cleans up and changes. The attendant leaves her in the same room as the others separated only by a curtain. Shirayuki quietly listens to Zen speak with the stranger from earlier, realizes his status due to Zens respective honorifics. Knowing only the first prince could be higher than Zen she is shocked.

Izana reveals he is the one who hit Obi with the rock, thinking he was an intruder. Then he probes Zen about the punishment against Fort Raxd. Zen refuses to punish them, leading Izana to punish him in their place. Fort Raxd is removed from Zens control. Finished with Zen, Izana removes the curtain separating Shirayuki from them shocking Zen. Ordered to leave, Zen steps close to Shirayuki using the curtain as a shield and whispers he will come to her later.

The two speak briefly, Shirayuki addressing Izana as "Zen's Brother", surprising him. He then asks her to sit and preform a strange task. She must document he next conversation he has. As two Lords enter, they are of course, distracted by her hair and ask about her. Izana refers to her as "one of Zen's favorites" possibly in an effort to embarrass her and start rumors. As the Lords leave, Izana probes Shirayuki. He wonders why Zen would invite a foreign commoner into the palace. He asks what she has that could possibly be important to Zen to which she has no answer. Her lack of an answer displeases Izana who dismisses her and tells her Zen is truly a stupid prince.

Mitsuhide and Zen sit out on a balcony, wondering what Izana wanted with Shirayuki. Shirayuki leaves the hall where Izana was, crying and throwing her hair pins to the ground, frustrated.

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