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Akagami no Shirayuki-hime (English Title: Snow White with the Red Hair) is a romance, drama, and historically inspired fantasy manga and anime series written by Akizuki Sorata

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The manga premiered in 2007 in an issue of LaLa magazine and is still on-going. According to Anime News Network[1], Viz Media announced that the first English volume is scheduled to be released in Spring 2019.

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A TV anime adaption was released starting in July 2015 and ended on March 28, 2016, with two seasons and one OVA. Funimation licensed the subbed version, which is released via simulcast at the same time as each new episode in Japan. Funimation also dubbed the series into English under the title "Snow White with the Red Hair" with voice actors like Brina Palencia, Josh Grelle, and Todd Haberkorn

Beginning of the Plot[edit | edit source]

Shirayuki was informed by a messenger that she was chosen by the prince of Tanbarun, Raji, to become his concubine because her unusual shade of red hair had gained his interest. As an act of rebellion, she ran away from her country and made her way through a forest. She eventually came to a halt at a vacant house in hopes of rest, but as her morals told her that she couldn't just enter, she rested against the side of the house. Jumping over the brick wall next to the house appeared Zen. While leaping, he was surprised to see someone there, thus messing up his landing and injuring his arm. Zen then goes on to question Shirayuki using his cased sword to remove her hood, revealing her rare shade of hair. After making a comment about how unusual her hair color is, she then goes to offer so medicine for his injuring. He then makes the assumption that its poison, whilst point his sword at her, and rejects her offer. He then orders her to go away as she has no use, which she silently agrees. Boldly she grabs the tip of his sword and slams it against her own arm, injuring her more than she aimed to. Then she applied for the same medicine she was offering to Zen and said that it wasn't her hobby to carry poisons. Zen starts chuckling and apologizes to Shirayuki. He then says that he is counting on her and blames half of his injury on her.

During the time she is with him, a basket with apples arrive. She then eventually tells him the person who wants to marry her is the prince of that country, with Zen remarking him as an idiot. Before she goes to eat one, Zen grabs her hand and takes a bite off of it. After staggering, he then collapses. The messenger from before then knocks on their door. He comments that Shirayuki was not the one to eat the apple, and she would come with him as he knew someone with the antidote.

Once she is returned to the country and taken to Prince Raji, she is brought to his room. He is amazed by Shirayuki's hair and tells her to come to him. She directly asks for the antidote for a friend from which he tells her that he will give it to her later. He then tells her to redeem herself; she has to say wants to be his concubine. She tells him to stop joking around in which he reminds her of the state of her friend, which she wants the antidote. After a while of thinking, she slaps away, Raji approaching hand but tells him, 'Take me with you as you please.' Zen suddenly bursts in objecting. He threatens Raji and reveals that he is a prince, to which Raji is taken aback by. Zen then tells him to leave Shirayuki alone and tell her that it's now her chance to tell Raji the things she wants. She orders him to give Zen the antidote.

After that, Shirayuki apologizes and says that it's her fault that Zen was poisoned, which he declines. He tells her that he was glad that they met and asks her to decide her fate. That's when she decides to live in the same country as Zen and continue alongside him.

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