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Shirayuki episode 1
Encounter... Changing the Color of Fate
 Kanji 出会い...色づく運命
 Romaji Deai...Irozuku Unmei
 Air Date July 6, 2015
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Episode 1 was originally released on July 6, 2015 in Japan. Funimation made an official subtitled version of it available on their official site as well as other popular viewing sites such as Hulu, Crunchyroll, and AnimeLab.

An English dub was released by Funimation on January 4, 2016.

Episode 1 covers the events from Chapter 1 of the manga.


The episode starts off with a girl (Shirayuki) walking in a forest. The girl comes upon a herb that she was looking for, Spellamiso. She then hears a nearby clock tower ring, as she is alerted that she needs to open her shop. She quickly runs back into town jumping onto rocks and sliding down a grassy hill.

Meanwhile Prince Raji is looking for the prettiest girl in his kingdom to become his concubine. He ask a informant to give him information, the informant responds that Shirayuki is the most prettiest girl in the land, with "exceptionally rare red hair, as red as an apple."

Shirayuki, meanwhile, has just finished giving medicine to a town boy. The boy leaves saying, "Thank you, miss.", waving his arms around. Shirayuki moves on to helping an old lady named, Kino, who says she just came into shop just to look at Shirayuki's beautiful hair. Kino starts to cry, complimenting Shirayuki as a fine pharmacist and wishing her dead grandparents could see her now.

Soon a guard walks in and tells Shirayuki that she needs to become Raji's concubine and that she will need to dress up nicely for him tonight. Shirayuki tries to make an excuse not to become Raji's concubine, but the guard towers over her and flaunts his sword (in the sheath) to make a statement that she must come or face consequences. The guard leaves as Shirayuki falls to the ground in despair.

Evening comes as an ambient clock tower rings in the background. Shirayuki is sitting on a bench in her shop, despair and distraught in her eyes. She then thinks of a plan and enacts it, but she first makes medicine for Kino to help her back, for Yuri's family since the father and baby have a cold. A little late that day she finishes the medicine for a few others and stamps them into envelopes. She then finds herself staring at her reflection in a nearby window. Taking up some scissors nearby, she readies her scissors to cut her hair saying, "It's not you fault, though.", hesitating a little before cutting her hair.

Shirayuki leaves her shop that night, leaving her bundle of chopped hair in the window. She leaves the country catching a ride on horse drawn carriage. She continues on foot once out of Tanbarun, walking through the forest as to not be seen. As the sun sets, she finds an old house as she decides to go ask to stay. She knocks on the door asking if there is anyone home, with no answer she decides to sit outside the house till the owner comes back, not wanting to intrude.

She soon wakes up from her sleep the next morning, to see a bird peck at her pistachios. As Shirayuki begins to get up yawning, a boy's voice is heard (Zen). The boy quickly scales and jumps over the wall surrounding the house with a large smile. Shirayuki eyes grow big as she spots Zen, soon Zen notices Shirayuki while in midair and accidentally falls to the ground hurting his arm. His friends (Mitsuhide and Kiki) soon find him.

Shirayuki meanwhile tries to crawl away unnoticed but Zen turns around to face her. Shirayuki explains that she was just following a road that most people don't go on while trying to hide her hair under her hood however is interrupted as Zen points his sheathed sword in her face and uses it to flip her hood off. Shirayuki becomes a bit frightened putting her hand over her head, as Zen, Mitsuhide, and Kiki look at her. Zen makes a comment saying that Shirayuki's hair is strange.

She spots his arms and notices a bruise on it, she then tells him that she is a pharmacist and that she has a poultice to help it. Zen then replys that he doesn't want it and continues to say that it could be a poison, and that he isn't a dwarf and he couldn't trust someone that easily. Shirayuki gets a bit annoyed and grabs onto the sword that is in front of her face, with sudden force she hits herself with it forming a bruise. She then gets the poultice and puts it on her bruise saying she doesn't have a habit of caring poisons around with her. Zen and Mitsuhide laugh and soon they are all in the house.

Shirayuki is tending Zen's bruise while Mitsuhide and Kiki are playing chess. Zen tells Shirayuki that Mitsuhide is the one that is losing and that Kiki is the one that is winning easily. Mitsuhide then comments that Zen isn't even looking at their game, but Zen says he doesn't need to. Kiki also adds in that she is indeed winning. Zen then ask Shirayuki why she decided to run away from her home, she responds saying it isn't that important, then she decides to go on a walk.

Zen is follows her he claiming that he shouldn't leave an injured girl alone. Shirayuki gets her hair stuck in a piece of a tree because she missed a long hair. She asks Zen to cut it but he refuses, offering to help only if she tells him why she ran away. Shirayuki then tells Zen about the whole situation, leaving out that it was Prince Raji. While doing so Mitsuhide and Kiki are watching the two, saying the Shirayuki doesn't seem suspicious and that Zen is seems to like her. Zen and Shirayuki soon walk back to the house to find a basket of apples in front of the house. Zen runs a bit ahead of Shirayuki to go check out the apples. When Shirayuki sees the apples she becomes shocked when she sees her hair ribbon tied to the basket's handle, the one she left her hair behind in.

Zen read the note placed with the rest of the apples and finds out that Shirayuki is from Tanbarun. She hesitates for a bit before saying that Raji wants her. Zen leaps up from his chair and hits the nearby table with his injured arm, sending a shock of pain up his arm. Shirayuki assumes that Raji's bad reputation is well known outside her country as well and is embarrassed by him.

She realizes that running from a prince will not be possible, because he will follow her. She makes a comment about an apple being no good any longer, clearly referring to herself, knowing she won't be free anymore. Zen tries to break the tension by taking a bite of the bad apple in her hand, to which Mitsuhide scolds him, he should hold it himself. After a moment, Zen collapses. The apples were poisoned. Shirayuki realizes she does not have anything to make a proper antidote only to be interrupted by the same guard from her shop. He offers the antidote, if she will come without resistance to the prince.

Prince Raji is pleasantly surprised to see that Shirayuki's hair is truly apple red, believing the hair left behind may have been a trick. He explains that he has become a laughing stock and it is all her fault, therefore he must make himself out to look better. He will have her beg to be his concubine, and accept her not wanting to disgrace a woman. Reluctantly, Shirayuki accepts in order to get the antidote for Zen. However Zen kicks in the door, objecting to the idea of Shirayuki giving in. After building an immunity over the years to poisons, Zen has recovered his strength.

He introduces himself, the Second Prince of Clarines, the country they are now in, claiming that Raji has intentionally poisoned a neighboring countries royalty. Realizing his mistake and the amount of trouble he has caused, Raji is desperate not to let his stupid actions leave the room. Zen offers him an out. Release Shirayuki, and never talk to her or even say her name again, and they will keep their mouths shut, likely preventing a war. With no choice Raji agrees.

Now free, Shirayuki apologizes for all the trouble she has caused him, kneeling. Ignoring his status above her, he bends down to meet her, offering her a chance to rewrite her path. Unsure if it is her place to decide her own life Shirayuki questions him but he assures her it is always your own choice to choose a path to follow. She takes his hand and he lifts her to her feet, towards her new life in Clarines.

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"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest girl in the land?" —Prince Raji

"It's not your fault though, is it?" —Shirayuki to her hair as she cuts it.

"It's not like I'm a child. I'm not going to trust someone so easily." —Zen to Shirayuki upon meeting.

"He seems to be a very spiteful man." —Zen about the unknown sender (Prince Raji).

"I am surprised!The red hair you left behind was real, huh?" —Prince Raji to Shirayuki.

"After you decide, it's up to you to decide whether or not to follow that path, right?" —Zen




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