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Episode 11
Encountering... A Color for the First Time
 Kanji 出会う... 初めての色
 Romaji Deau... Hajimete no Iro
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 Dubbed January 22, 2016

Episode 11 was originally released on September 14, 2015 in Japan. Funimation made an official subtitled version of it available on their official site as well as other popular viewing sites such as Hulu, Crunchyroll, and AnimeLab.

An English dub was released by Funimation on January 22, 2016.

Episode 11 covers events from Chapter 14 & 45 of the manga.


Zen has just kissed Shirayuki, when he opens his eyes he finds out that Shirayuki is surprised and blushing. He immediately moves away and apologizes for his behavior, but he also asks her if she feels the same to tell him when the time is right. She nods silently, Zen smiles, and he asks her to come back to the castle.

Three days pass. Zen, Kihal, Kiki, and Mitsuhide are leaving to visit Kihal's village and an agreement with the elders. The deal will protect the birds of their island if they can be used as messengers for Clarines. Shirayuki becomes uneasy when she sees Zen come from the castle and stutters when speaking to Zen. Noticing her odd behavior, Obi asks her about the time she spent alone with Zen. She nervously makes an excuse about having to go do some work and quickly runs away.

Meanwhile Zen and the others meet with the village's leaders discussing the birds. The village leaders demand an apology from Lord Brecker and request ten million dil in exchange for the deal. Zen tells him that he will get Lord Brecker to apologize and asks Kiki's opinion about the money. Kiki tells the leader that they will give double that amount if they agree. Zen then adds if he buys their acceptance and makes them obey to him with money, he will be no different from the viscount who abused his power. The villager leader apologizes for disrespecting Zen with his test and Zen gladly agrees to help them if they ever need him again. The villages children burst in after eavesdropping, excited to see the prince.

Zen is on a nearby balcony after playing around with the village's children. Mitsuhide finds Zen is looking at the night sky, something heavy on his mind and asks to join him to which Zen agrees. Zen asks where Kiki is. Mitsuhide explains that he invited her to join them but she said this should be left it to him. Zen is confused, asking what she means by that. Mitsuhide then bluntly asks him what happened between Shirayuki and Zen. Zen face goes blank as he stares at Mitsuhide for awhile before turning his head.

Zen awkwardly explains his kiss with Shirayuki dumbfounding MItsuhide. Unsure, he asks if Zen was dreaming but Zen insists that he wouldn't dream that sort of thing. Zen explains that Shirayuki hasn't said she feels the same way, that she seemed shocked and turned red. Mitsuhide asks again if it was a dream. Zen denies it was a dream or an illusion. Zen then explains that he has had feeling for Shirayuki for a long time and that he wanted to confess to her as a prince but know that she doesn't only feel the same because he is royalty. Mitsuhide almost reassures Zen that Shirayuki will like him back, prince or not, but then stops half way, and reminds him he isn't serving him just because he is a prince of Clarines.

Back at the castle Obi pops in on Shirayuki and Ryuu making medicinal tea for Garrack who is tired after pulling an all-nighter. They finish up the tea and the three taste it, agreeing it's bitter and sour. Shirayuki ask if they should dissolve rock sugar and julia flowers in the tea to make it sweeter but Ryuu points out that the tea would lose half of it's medicinal properties that way. Thinking over substitutes for sweeter, Obi asks if they could put in a roka seed in the tea to sweeten. Impressed by his idea, they agree on it and boil roka with the tea. After tasting it, they find it's delicious. Garrack soon wakes up as Shirayuki is pouring her glass of tea. Garrack wafts the tea to herself and takes a sip of the tea lighting up and saying that it's delicious. Garrack wonders why Shirayuki and Ryuu would think of making roka tea. Shirayuki explains that it was all Obi's idea to use roka in the tea. Garrack decides that Obi is a good influence on them, saying that if they kept him close, they could widen their perspectives.

Meanwhile Zen, Kiki, and Mitsuhide are riding back from Kihal's village to the castle. Shirayuki leaves the pharmacy after Ryuu told her to write down whatever she was so worried about to feel better. She decides she needs to think about the situation with Zen alone and soon spots the forest from a nearby window. Thinking the forest would be a great place, she heads that way escorted by Obi. He comments that the forest is still pretty far from the castle even though it's still on castle grounds. When Shiryuki doesn't respond back he wonders why she isn't talking, looking at her hand, tempted. He slowly reaches to grab it before being interrupted by Zen.

Obi hold up both his hands in innocence, quickly turning around to face Zen. Shirayuki hides behind Obi, not wanting to face Zen. Surprised, Obi asks her why she's hiding. She stutters that it was so sudden and that she was caught off guard. Obi then realizes something is up between Shirayuki and Zen, that is why she is hiding. He tells Shirayuki to run into the forest, knowing she wants to get away from Zen right now. Shirayuki runs off into the forest without hesitation. Obi then laughs sarcastically saying "She ran away,huh?" to which Zen yells he told her to. Obi then looks at Zen sternly and says that Zen made her run away. Zen tells the three to wait at the castle while he goes after Shirayuki.

As Zen departs, Obi quietly wishes Shirayuki, wherever she is, good luck. Zen soon finds Shirayuki and she quickly continues to run away from him. Zen starts to run after her, Shirayuki the adds in that yells she can't face him yet. Zen stops as he says he won't chase her anymore, but asks for her to stop running. Shirayuki slows down and stops as Zen walks up to her and apologizes. She then tells him that the kiss surprised her, and when he asks if it was because he wanted to know her feelings, Shirayuki's eyes widen and she doesn't respond.

Zen reminds her that they first met in a forest. He asks if he could stay in the forest for a bit with her and she agrees.They start to walk together as Zen talks about the village Kihal is from and the birds there. They stop by the place Zen used to hang out with his friend, Atri before he was killed. He comments that he used to take breaks a lot there, since it's such a nice spot and the forest is always better than the castle. Then he adds in that being with Shirayuki here is different though.

After a moment, Shirayuki finishes thinking about her feelings. She finally confesses to Zen that she loves him. She says that she wants to be around him, to be his strength and still be friends even though she loves him. Once she realized what she was feeling was beyond the friendship that they had, she was confused and couldn't look at him the same way. Zen then kneels in front of Shirayuki putting his sword in front of him. He tells her that he too wants to be Shirayuki's strength and that even with his prince title he may not be able to protect her and that he may not "give as much as she gives to him," but that he wishes that he can stay with Shirayuki forever and that he wishes for her to be on his side. He holds out his hand asking her to be with him and promises that he will do his best to protect and love her.

She wipes away her tears and kneels down and takes his hand. He then has a flashback of him with Mitsuhide when he was younger. Zen asks Mitsuhide if he ever loves or marries someone, if that someone would truly love him back and not just do as he says, because he is royalty. Zen holds Shirayuki's hand with both as his hands as he starts to tear up in joy saying, "Thank you Shirayuki", realizing that she loves him, not because he is a prince, but because of who he is. They think about each other as they kiss. They continue to think about each other in silence as they walk back to meet Obi, Kiki, and Mitsuhide.

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