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Amakize Lugis
 Kanji アマキゼ・ルーギス
 Romaji Amakize Rūgisu
 Gender Male
Professional Status
 Occupation Head of House Lugis
 Title First Son of Count Lugis
Personal Status
 Relatives Count Lugis (Father)

Hisame Lugis (Younger Brother)

 Manga Chapter 102

Amakize Lugis (アマキゼ・ルーギス; Amakize Rūgisu) is the first son of Count Lugis and the current head of House Lugis. He is Hisame Lugis' older brother.

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Amakize keeps his hair more orderly in contrast to his younger brother, Hisame, who is always shown to have slightly messy hair. His hair is short in length with side-swept bangs that fall to the right side of his face. The left side of his hair is neatly tucked behind his ear.

His stature is just above his younger brother's and he wears formal clothes that are suitable to his status. His outfit consists of: a dark colored tunic with lots of embellishments on it, a pair of pants, and a long cloak that's light in color and—like his top—is also embellished.

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