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The Shidan gathers the Olin Maris Researchers to hear something the Royal Botany Representative has to say, which turns out to be that the results of the fact checking research have come out very quickly and that their petition to have Phostyrias recognized as a new non-toxic species has been successful. As the research group celebrates Shirayuki and Ryuu quickly go find Obi to tell him they'll be setting off on their mission from Izana soon. They draw a quick (and upside down) map of the Wilant region and the Silver Passage on the chalkboard in the Pharmacy to discuss their plan.

In the Pharmacy Institute cafeteria Suzu and Shidan discus the need for having someone oversee the upkeep of the Phostyrias planted along the major routes in Wilant once Shirayuki and Obi's mission is complete. They are interrupted by Yuzuri who slyly points out she's already affiliated with their research and perfectly positioned and educated to fill the role they're so concerned about after confirming they intend to pay whomever they find for the role.

Obi goes to tell Lata that the Royal palace trio have less than a month left in Lilias and after a little grumbling on Lata's part and cajoling from Obi the older knight offers to treat Obi and the others to a meal.

Shirayuki, Obi and Ryuu start out on their mission right where they are in Lilias, asking Lord Makiri Arleon for permission to plant Phostyrias along the passageway through Lilias. Makiri approves on the condition that Wilant's other major gateway of Oriold approves as well so as to not alter the balance of the flow of traffic between the two.

Shirayuki's group says their farewells to the others in the Pharmacy and sets off for Oriold.

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  • Olin Maris (discussed)
  • Phostyrias
  • Glitter Crystal Stone


"From the perspective of someone who supervises an academic city, knowing that the plant was inspected and received status as a new species is enough proof for me that it's harmless. On top of that I'm already aware that I'm able to trust you. However that may not be enough elsewhere. For someone who is not acquainted with you they will of course be wary if you try to introduce something they aren't familiar with. You will be at considerable disadvantage." —Makiri Arleon

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