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Chapter 11
Chap 11
Chapter Information
Kanji 第11話
Rōmaji dai 11 wa
Page Count 45 Pages
Volume Number Volume 03
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The chapter starts out with Obi stating he should get back and stop lazing around, with a recap of the last chapter. Because of Raji's statement that Shirayuki may be Zen's fiance, they can no longer live their lives in peace. As Shirayuki is running after she and the guards thank each other, she senses someone watching her. As that someone tries to deliver their report, however, Zen comes out of nowhere to grab it and pin the man down. The palace guards then inform Zen that they've caught the other guy as well. Zen than asks- with his sword right next to the man's face- who told him to spy on Shirayuki.  

The guards take him into custody. Zen says, when Shirayuki comes over, that, as expected, there are people who want to see if they should stay in her good graces, and other families are investigating to see if another house has fallen out of favor. When Shirayuki responds confused to Zen's question of if she would've done something herself if this had happened before, he laughs and indicates he's joking.  

Obi comes through from the trees while Zen is responding to Mitsuhide's and Kiki's question of how it went with Shirayuki.Zen then yells at Obi, since he was only allowed to be gone for two days, and he's late. Obi counters by stating it's been a while since he'd been out of the castle, so he couldn't help it. At that moment, Zen decides to have Obi act as Shirayuki's bodyguard. Obi looks confused, and then hurriedly declares it's impossible, since he did have a record of threatening her. Zen replies that the threatening part depends on Shirayuki, and further elaborates by saying he'd considered the possibility that Obi wouldn't ever return when Zen gave him permission to leave the castle. While Obi looks on, puzzled, Zen asks for his forgiveness. 

Later, when Ryuu and Shirayuki go into the roka/loca garden, Kiki and Obi show up together. Shirayuki exclaims it's the first time she's seen both of them together, and Obi says they do have fun on watch, which Kiki outright denies. Kiki then asks Shirayuki if it's true she knew Obi already. Shirayuki confirms it, and Obi reveals the Master was extremely mad at him when he'd said that Shirayuki and him had met each other already, not mention twice. Shirayuki is dazed imagining it, and Kiki says Obi will act as her bodyguard, and that Shirayuki could send him away anytime, before leaving. Obi suggests they get started, and offers to help. Obi states he feels more at ease with his face covered up, while Higata questions why. While they pick them, when Shirayuki goes over to check on Obi, he stares at her before suddenly swiping the mask off her face. When Shirayuki questions him about, he brushes it off as "my hand moved by itself." The chief herbalist, Garack, says it's ok for Obi to be there, but he can't get in the way. While they're moving some jars/bottles, Obi asks if it would be better if Zen weren't a prince. Shirayuki stays silent, then snatches her bottle back. She firmly declares if Obi says that again, she'll take it as an insult. Obi thinks to himself that Prince Zen is amazing. 

Garack tells Shirayuki, Higata, and Obi to wait here, and then to try drinking this (some kind of drink). Once they drink, Higata spits some out, screaming, "It burns!" Garack stands laughing as Higata exclaims that the stuff was alcohol, and asking why Garack was laughing. Obi comments that since it was alcohol, "No wonder it was delicious." Just then, Shirayuki collapses to the floor looking very dizzy. They all panic and asks what's wrong, while Garack worriedly says Shirayuki hadn't done this when she's given her alcoholic beverages. Higata mutters that the wine was too strong.  

When Obi visits Shirayuki in her room later, he finds that she's woken up. Garack requests that Obi keep an eye on her, since she's too busy. After Garack leaves, Shirayuki abruptly gets up and walks out the door, with Obi following. As they walk outside, Obi asks if Shirayuki is really ok. The palace guards start whispering, noting her unusual red hair. In the anime, it's Obi's stare that prompts them to return to guarding. Shirayuki suddenly stops walking and slumps against a pillar, exclaiming she can't ride a horse. Obi is taken aback, questioning what she's talking about. As he's doing that, Shirayuki muteters something about Mitsuhide allowing her to ride with him last time, and that if she had an older brother, he would be like Mitsuhide. Shirayuki then returns to moaning about a horse. Obi decides to ask her why she wants a horse. Maybe to go to Tanbarun? Shirayuki tries to distract Obi by pointing to the left of Obi, and yelling, "Ah! Marquis/Lord Haruka!" When she asks why he isn't looking, Obi replies, "Like he'd be there so conveniently." He goes on to state he can't keep his eyes off of Shirayuki anyway. It's with this statement that she realizes Obi had really been guarding her all along, and promptly says thank you.  

But when Obi asks her if she's rather have Master guarding her, she makes a stone face and says Lord Haruka would definitely be mad at her if she did that. Obi goes back to his previous question of her opinion of Prince Zen, and she simply replies it's just like Zen. When Shirayuki finishes her speech about people being drawn to the Prince, Obi says that Zen can be that way because he had Shirayuki. After she hears that, she suddenly exclaimed what good would it be if she defeated him, which served to further puzzle Obi. After a short rant, Shirayuki reveals she wanted a horse because she wanted to go to Raxd/Laxdo. Since Zen had only said "It's fine," she'd wanted to make sure. Obi comments that both Shirayuki and Zen were both wanting to act cool, but he didn't know about going alone. Shirayuki admits he's right. Obi then offers to take her there (to Laxdo), but he mentions he's already went there and back. Shirayuki looks up, shocked at this information. He explains he was planning to go there, but went a little late due to Tanbarun's prince visiting. Obi says there were so many messages for Shirayuki, he couldn't remember them, but that they all said, "We'll work hard!" Shirayuki declares she'll work hard, too, and thanks Obi before passing out. Obi doubts his own eyes and ears when Shirayuki thanks him...but manages to catch her, and says he'd decided to hang around as a spectator, but he wound up watching a troublesome place. He then carries Shirayuki on his back toward her room.  

Meanwhile, Kiki had come in to check on Obi and Shirayuki, and found them gone. She announces that the only thing she found was a note addressed to 'Master.' Garack admits she had Shirayuki drink strong liquor as a joke, but she'd passed out. Upon hearing Kiki ask if Obi was with her, Garack tries to remember, but then says it's all right if it's a person authorized by the king. When Kiki shows Obi's note to Zen, who is sitting in his office with Mitsuhide on stand by, Zen's face twisted into an expression of annoyance before excusing himself and running out to find Obi and Shirayuki.  

When Zen finally finds the two, he promptly yells at Obi for leaving behind such an easy-to-misunderstand note. He shows it to Obi, and it says "Master- The little miss can't move around, so we can't go back." Zen then asks, while catching his breath, if she's still drunk and sleeping. Obi replies it's partly true, and Zen says he knew about it due to Obi's letter.  

When Zen and Obi get back to Shirayuki's room and lay her down, Obi fills his Master in on the details, while Zen exclaims in disbelief that Shirayuki had wanted to go to Laxdo. Obi nonchalantly says it ended with a walk,, since it was too far away. Obi suggests Shirayuki and Zen go there again, since if he's busy, six months will fly by. When Zen starts pouring out liquor for the two to drink, Obi -without persmission- says it was against his will to tell her his true purpose and giving her a piggyback ride. Zen instantly becomes annoyed, asking why Obi had told him without Zen asking. Obi replies Zen had looked like he was going to snap at him (Obi) any moment. Zen yells he was not. When he calms down, he tells Obi "Good job" since Shirayuki hadn't driven him away, even though she had the authority to. He goes on to say that "it" wouldn't be waste, while giving something to Obi. Obi, in disbelief, asks Zen to confirm that this was his ID to go in and out of the palace. Zen confirms, and says it was the result of learning to have faith in his friends. Obi is silent before commenting Zen's eyes were a pretty color, and Zen retorts by grumbling at Obi to stop joking around, and that he's always like this.  

The next morning, Zen tellls Shirayuki Obi is going to follow her around as her bodyguard, from now on. The chapter ends as Shirayuki says her head hurts, and Obi questions if it's still the wine from yesterday.  

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