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After a flamboyant introduction Eisetsu manages to make Shirayuki uncomfortable and invites her to join him in his rose garden. At her hesitation Hisame whispers some encouragement to her and tells her he's sending Obi her way to stymie the young lord as soon as she and Eisetsu are out the door. Eisetsu's attempts to flirt with Shirayuki are received poorly, and her blunt nature means she doesn't even attempt to hide that she is completely uninterested in him and unimpressed with his advances. Back inside Shuu puts on a show of collapsing coughing to force the Royal Pharmacists to remain overnight lest they appear to have refused to treat him. While Eisetu has yet to show his hand and reveal his true goal--with Shira and Obi not entirely believing his act in the garden--Shirayuki is left as mad as she's ever been at being dragged into the Rugilia Lord's plot. Eisetu's reaction to the fact that Hisame and Kiki decided to remain by their friends' sides even after the soiree had ended and the other guests are leaving.

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  • Obi's sword hilt dagger


"It's possible it was all an act. But either way, he's gotten us "Court Pharmacists" wrapped up in all this. We can't let this go." —Shirayuki

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