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Chapter 12
Prince Zen Wistalia.jpg
Chapter Information
Kanji 第12話
Rōmaji dai 12 wa
Page Count 47 Pages
Volume Number Volume 03
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Summary[edit | edit source]

This chapter starts out with an unknown lady making it clear she didn't like nobles as she rides to Wistal Castle, with a bird soaring in the air above her.

Zen walks inside the castle, and Mitsuhide informs Zen that the guests are already here. Zen waves that aside, asking why you two (Mitsuhide and Kiki) are here before him. When they reply it's because of Obi, Obi grins and states that he took the shortest route to his residence. Zen then says that Obi never uses the hallways and stairs, but some tiny text says that Zen is guilty of that as well. Zen then turns his attention to a case of dispute.

After listening, Zen identifies the two guests as Kihal Toghrul, and Viscount Blaker. After he says both claims are valid, the viscount suddenly bursts out laughing and haughtily indirectly points out he's won already. Zen tells Kihal to get some rest in a prepared guest room.

While Shirayuki is busy putting some harvested plants down, Obi pops up out of nowhere hanging from a nearby tree, startling Shirayuki. He comments that Shirayuki is just so energetic today, referring to her as "Miss Palace Pharmacist (Apprentice)." When he jumps down from the tree, Shirayuki notices he's wearing a uniform. Obi replies he was just doing some work in front of some of Master's guests. Shirayuki comments he spoiled it by appearing from a tree.

Shirayuki then notices it's four o'clock, and turns to call Ryuu, only to realize he's concentrating too hard to hear. Obi notices that "Little Ryuu" then, before both are distracted by a beautiful bird flying over the field where Shirayuki was working, only to land on Ryuu's hand. Shirayuki takes the chance to call Ryuu in, before thanking the lady for calling him, as Obi tells Ryuu to be careful. The lady is revealed to be Kihal. Kihal recognizes Obi as a person there when she met Zen, and then goes on to rant about how Zen has to be selfish and not respectful of common people, just because he's nobility, as Obi and Shirayuki try to explain Zen wasn't like that. Their attention turns to Popo, Kihal's bird, as she explains where her island was.

Zen, in the meantime, wants to help Kihal, but can't legally intervene. When Mitsuhide says Zen totally got taken advantage of, both Zen and Kiki tell him to shut up. Obi and Shirayuki want to help Kihal, but don't know how, and have a discussion. Obi relays Shirayuki's idea to Zen, and Zen sees a way to save the birds and help Kihal.

The next day, the viscount angrily asks what more was there to discuss. Zen confirms Kihal and the islanders can control the birds with their walnut stone flutes before asking if one could train them to change directions, and fly far distances. Kihal states they're trained to find boats using the whistles. They all go outside to test it out, with Obi holding the whistle. After a test run, Obi happily exclaims Popo found him. When Kihal requests to choose the bell-holder, she demands Obi tell her the name of the red-haired girl she met. Obi tells her it's Shirayuki.

That evening, Prince Zen commences the long-distance test, with Shirayuki being accompanied by Obi, some guards, and ,surprisingly, the viscount. The test must be over before twenty-five minutes are up to be successful. When they arrive, they wait a couple minutes, and it's about time. The viscount suddenly grapples with Shirayuki to get the whistle, and locks her in. When the viscount mocks her, saying this was the difference in rank, she states that he's lower than the lookout tower.

Character Appearances[edit | edit source]

Character Debuts[edit | edit source]

Characters in Order of Appearance[edit | edit source]

  • Kihal Toghrul
  • Popo
  • Zen Wistaria
  • Mitsuhide Rouen
  • Kiki Seiran
  • Obi
  • Shirayuki
  • Ryuu
  • Viscount Blaker
  • Shikito

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