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Chapter 13
Chap 13
Chapter Information
Kanji 第13話
Rōmaji dai 13 wa
Page Count 30 Pages
Volume Number Volume 04
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Continuing with the events from last chapter, Shirayuki is locked in and Lord Blaker isn't letting her out, while the bell is in the lake next to the tower they were in. Because of the given situation, Shirayuki jumps out of a window into the lake exactly when Obi came to check if everything was going according to plan. He and the two guards who were present are shocked to see her falling. During the fall, Shirayuki scratches her arm on a branch and even though Obi didn't want her to continue to look for the bell, he knew she wouldn't listen to him and started looking for it as well. Suddenly, they see Popo flying not far away from them. In the mean time, Shikito who was still with Lord Blaker, told him that he was under arrest.

At the palace, there are two minutes left until the end of the test. The guards were already doubting the bird would come in time until Zen silenced them. Kihal uses her whistle again and Popo appears with the signatures and also a report. Zen reads the report, where it was said that the assistant (Shirayuki) was hurt. He, Mitsuhide, Kiki and Kihal head towards the tower.

At the tower, Kihal asks Shirayuki if she is alright and thanking her for her help. Zen is told about everything that happened by Shikito. He also confronts Blaker about what he has done and then asks Shirayuki if they could talk in private. After Zen saw her injuries, Shirayuki told him that she wouldn't have hid it from him because he would have been angry. That just made him chuckle and he called her an idiot for thinking that and she smiled in response. Seeing her reaction, Zen suddenly moved his face closer and kissed Shirayuki, leaving her wide-eyed. Realizing what he has done, Zen abruptly bows and apologizes for his action beacuse he did it without her consent, noting that the next time he will touch her he will let her know before-hand and asking her, that when that time comes, to tell him what she thinks.

The chapter ends with them going back to the palace on horse-back, Mitsuhide telling Kiki that Zen will probably take Shirayuki with him and Kiki agreeing.

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Obi and a guard witnessing Shirayuki fall into the water


Shirayuki, Obi and a guard looking for the bell


Zen silencing the nervous guards


Popo coming back on time


Zen kissing Shirayuki


Izana talking to Zakura Shidnote

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