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Chapter 14
Chap 14
Chapter Information
Kanji 第14話
Rōmaji dai 14 wa
Page Count 23 Pages
Volume Number Volume 04
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The chapter starts off with Shirayuki and Zen. Zen was saying that before he touches Shirayuki, he will ask her for permission and he will ask her how she feels after touching her.

Three days later...

In the morning, Kiharu and Shirayuki were talking then Zen, Mitsuhide, and Kiki appeared. They were ready to escort Kihal back to her island. Before they left, Zen went to talk to Shirayuki. Shirayuki was nervous because of what happened a few days ago (refer to chapter 13) while Zen was acting normally. The others suspected them so when Mitsuhide and Kiki went with Zen to escort Kihal, Obi was left with Shirayuki. Obi then ask her why she was so nervous around Zen but Shirayuki made an excuse and ran off to work.

Shirayuki actually planned to tell Zen how she feels about what happened a few days ago but she was just too nervous to say.

Meanwhile, at Euris Island, Zen and the tribe leader were discussing using the island's birds as a way of communication. But in return for those things to happen, the tribe's leader asks for Zen to get an apology from Viscount Blaker and 10 million dale for the proposal of using the birds. Zen is able to get an apology from Viscount Blaker but 10 million dale was a different story so he somehow persuaded the tribe's leader to work with him. Prince Zen was able to see through the leader's bluff which the leader bowed down and will be gladly working with Zen.

Later then, the children were around Zen amazed to see a real prince from another country. So after that, Zen wanted to go take a walk then Mitsuhide asked if he can join. Mitsuhide later asked what was going on between Zen and Shirayuki, and Zen told Mistuhide what happened. The prince then began discussing his feelings for Shirayuki saying things like how he always kept his feelings inside of him. And he even discussed about when he touches her, that feeling inside him burned and made him feel "awakened". Mitsuhide smiled and rubbed Zen's hair while promising his trust and loyalty for Zen.

Meanwhile, at the castle, Ryuu told Shirayuki that she's done for the day but Shirayuki asked for him to let her work a little longer which made Ryuu worried and asked her if there is anything wrong. Ryuu told Shirayuki that if there were something wrong, she could write it all down on paper to release her worries.

Shirayuki decided to take a walk and then saw the forest so she went to Obi to ask if she can go to the forest with him that was in the castle's ground. Obi went along with Shirayuki to the forest. As they were walking to the forest, Obi saw Shirayuki's hand and was about to grab it but he suddenly flicks his hand back which scared Shirayuki. The reason Obi took his hand back was because Zen, Mitsuhide, and Kiki came back. Obi awkwardly welcomed back his master. Since Obi knew that Shirayuki was acting weird around Zen, she told her to run into the forest if she is not prepared to face him, so Shirayuki quickly ran into the forest.

Zen then told Kiki and Mitsuhide to wait at the castle while he is going to go after Shirayuki. Shirayuki then stopped running to take a breath but Zen called out her name and freaked her out which made her run again. Shirayuki then said that she couldn't face Zen right now. Zen told her to stop running which she stopped. Then Zen started the conversation and asked Shirayuki if she would let him show her something. Zen lead Shirayuki to an old place Zen used to come to a long time ago. Shirayuki then started crying while realizing the feelings she had for Zen. And suddenly... she confessed. "Zen, I like you"

Shirayuki then told him how important he was and how she respects him and how she wants to be helpful to him. She's now very conscious of how she feels for this man so she don't know whether she should hope to want to see him in this way. Zen pulled out his sword and lay it down in front of him as he kneels with one leg forward Shirayuki while putting his head down. He told her that his royal title might not be able to protect her and he wishes to return the things she has done for him but no matter what, he wants to be with this person in front of him. And for that, he will protect his mutual desire because Shirayuki is the girl that gives him strength. Zen stretched out his hand for Shirayuki to take then Shirayuki gladly takes his hand while giving him a bright smile.

A flashback from when Zen was younger showed him talking to Mitsuhide that if he ever finds the person he desires to be with and that her answer will come from the heart. That partner is the person he will really needs.

And now Prince Zen has found this partner. They share a memorable kiss after he thanks her for her friendship, character and personality.

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  • Zen Wistaria
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  • Kiki Seiran
  • Obi
  • Kihal Toghrul

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