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Chapter 15
Chap 15
Chapter Information
Kanji 第15話
Rōmaji dai 15 wa
Page Count 16 Pages
Volume Number Volume 04
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This chapter is in Mitsuhide's point of view and has the flashback of the meeeting of Zen and Mitsuhide. As Mitsuhide, Kiki, and Obi patiently waited for Zen to come back after he's done with confessing his feelings for Shirayuki (refer to chapter 14). Zen then appeared and told them that him and Shirayuki will both walk the same path from now on because Shirayuki took his hand (refer to chapter 14 because it is confusing). Mitsuhide hugged Zen please to hear the news, they share a very short embrace. All the others were also pleased to hear the news. Zen obviously got more to tell but instead, he immediately gets to work. Now from Mitsuhide's point of view, Zen's back is surely no longer small, he's big now.

6 Years Ago...

Mitsuhide was sparring with a soldier but then Prince Izana appeared. Izana told that Mitsuhide that Mitsuhide is going to eventually serve at the castle so Izana offered him the job to become Zen's aide. Mitsuhide then asked if that spot will become permanent and Izana told him that depends. But Mitsuhide keeps saying things like he is inexperienced and how he wants to become useful and serve Izana. Izana then walked away saying, "OK. I leave the rest to you." He then turned around and asked Mitsuhide if he wants to meet his little brother, Prince Zen.

Izana showed Mitsuhide where Zen was. Izana told Mitsuhide to look up which showed Zen jumping through buildings, Zen saw Izana and Mitsuhide and hid in one of the buildings roof. "Come down right now", Zen listened to his brother's command and jumped to the ground. Zen bowed and said, "Welcome home, older brother". Mitsuhide was there just shocked at this boy's behavior. Izana asked what he was doing and Zen replied with "nothing much". Izana then began to introduce Zen to Mitsuhide and that he will be at Zen's side. Zen was 13 then and Mitsuhide was 17.

It seems Mitsuhide isn't welcomed at all, Zen is just going to ignore Mitsuhide. Zen closed his book and just walked away. Zen then went for a walk which Mitsuhide said he is going to accompany Zen. Zen said he doesn't need him to by his side which Mitsuhide argued with his duty to be by his side. The 13-year-old boy shot back that in truth, Mitsuhide is actually serving his older brother instead, that statement made Mitsuhide very uneasy because Zen just said something kind of true. Zen just smirked saying that he hit it on the head and Mitsuhide tried his best to deny it.

While Mitsuhide was lost in his thoughts, Zen just dashed away. Mitsuhide was chasing after him saying at least tell him where's he's going but Zen then just jumped out the window. Mitsuhide jumped out the window to chase after him, Mitsuhide asked if Zen is the type who vaults out the window. Zen complained that Mitsuhide doesn't have to follow him but Mitsuhide made a comeback. "I'm following you because you're extraordinary, ne." Zen thought this man was being sarcastic but no he wasn't, Mitsuhide then told Zen that he will stay by his side at all times. Zen, the teen he is, thought this is man is depressing and starts to question his older brother's taste. They were then interrupted by one of the duke named Mikaze, Zen then politely greet him and introduced Mitsuhide. Zen even lied about being glad having Mitsuhide by his side. Mitsuhide thought was a different person. Since Mikaze was going to go meet Prince Izana, Zen told Mitsuhide to escort the man to Izana while Zen easily slipped away.

Zen sneaked off to go to a friend of his who worked in the castle, they are also the same age. The boy's name was Atori. Zen and Atori playfully chatted. They fighted around a bit. Mitsuhide saw the two through the castle window and was worried. Mikaze told Mitsuhide that Zen is at his rebellious age so there's no need to worry about him for now.

Mitsuhide came to look for Zen later then and Zen told his friend goodbye. Atori said that it wouldn't be appropriate for him to be seen with someone like himself, Zen then realized this position and said "I'm sorry" which confused Atori. Zen then walked back to his room, Atori saw Zen's retainer, Mitsuhide, and he actually thought that Zen's retainer was a rough middle-aged man instead of a child, when he's also a child himself.

As they were walking through the castle, Mitsuhide brought up Atri. Zen then told Mitsuhide that Atri wasn't his friend because he could not have friends because of his title. Zen told Mitsuhide to not meddle with his life. There's limits for Zen it seems. Mitsuhide told Zen to not say cold things because Mitsuhide was hurt by Zen's words about not meddling in his life. Zen then apologized for saying that.

Mitsuhide thought that Zen was young but he bears so much on that back of his.

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  • Zen Wistaria
  • Mitsuhide Rouen
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  • Obi
  • Mikaze
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  • Atri

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