Chapter 19
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Kanji 第19話
Rōmaji dai 19 wa
Page Count 43 Pages
Volume Number Volume 05
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Shirayuki tries to get Zen to relax after their encounter with Mihaya, which made Zen angry for multiple reasons, the foremost of which being that it seems that either some unknown faction is planning on kidnapping Shirayuki or Mihaya is messing with them and lying to them for an unknown goal, but regardless had essentially no usable information despite the fanfare of his arrival. Izana interrupts them with a summons to say that prince Raji has sent Shirayuki an invitation to a ball, and that Izana orders Shirayuki to attend. Zen agrees on the condition that someone he trusts and chooses be Shirayuki's escort.

While Shirayuki learns ballroom dancing and other etiquette expected of someone at a royal event Zen and his aides focus on finding the "pretty boy" Mihaya described, to no avail.

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