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Chapter 3
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Kanji 第3話
Rōmaji dai 3 wa
Page Count 40 Pages
Volume Number Volume 01
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Shirayuki is welcomed into the palace by Mitsuhide saying that the guards were told by Zen that she was going to be coming. Mitsuhide leads her to Zen's room saying that Zen had gone off on official business but decided to observe the area but arrived late.

Because of that, Zen locked himself in his room and was working non-stop. Mitsuhide after entering the room informs Shirayuki that he said "If I had time to sleep, I'd rather see Shirayuki instead". Kiki then joins in saying "He should spend time with Shirayuki before he signs her name on every official document".

Zen leaves the room with Shirayuki and are seen sitting at a window seat. He then apologizes to her and says that he will apologize to Mitsuhide and Kiki later.

He then tells her that he doesn't mind paperworks but if he does them he wouldn't know what was happening outside. Also telling Shirayuki that Clarines was really wide and he loves that. He then falls asleep and Shirayuki waits for Mitsuhide to come while she reads books.

A boy was then sighted spying on them whilst sitting on a tree. Kiki tells Zen that Mitsuhide escorted Shirayuki out while waking him up. He then spots the book she had been reading but then Lord Haruka walks in.

He tells him not to meet people outside so carelessly because he was the Prince of the Kingdom. He tells him that he should stop meeting up with Shirayuki. After a small confrontation, Lord Haruka leaves the room.

The boy appears again giving orders to the guards that Prince Zen had given orders that no permission will be given if Shirayuki wanted to come into the palace. Secretly, Shirayuki had been listening while she was going to retrieve her book she forgot. She runs away but the guy had noticed that she been listening.

While trying to run, an arrow was shot directly in front of her, on the arrow there was a note attached to it saying "To the red-haired guest, Don't step any further. Leave." Even through this she ignored the note while grabbing the arrow and continues walking which surprised the guy who had shot it. Ready to shoot again, Zen walks in from behind her.

After finding out that someone tried to shoot Shirayuki, Zen brought her to a private room and they sat on the floor to discuss. After their mini conversation, Shirayuki walks out only to be discovered by Lord Haruka. Lord Haruka holds out his sword to her saying she is an intruder. Ignoring once again, she steps forward only leaving Lord Haruka shocked. He then places his sword back in it's sheath. After this incident, the boy is again seen sitting at the window because he had been discovered by Kiki and Mitsuhide who were standing below him. He then admits that it was him who shot the arrow and gave the order, which were actually the orders of Lord Haruka.

Zen appears on the scene once again confronting Lord Haruka. The boy then calls Zen "master" which annoyed Zen who then said "You should go to a place where I don't have to see you anymore".

The chapter ends with Zen and Shirayuki staring down out the window and the Kingdom's flag.

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