Chapter 31
Chap 31
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Kanji 第31話
Rōmaji dai 31 wa
Page Count 30 Pages
Volume Number Volume 08
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To get out of the heavy rain Shirayuki, Zen, Obi, Mitsuhide and Kiki stop in at a roadside inn, where the innkeeper offers them two rooms with three beds each and very nice bathing accommodations to wash off the mud and cold from the road.

While at the inn Obi flusters Zen in the bath and a strange personal space invading lady flirts with the whole group, but is most interested in Mitsuhide who is uncomfortable and unsure at first how to react. Shirayuki and Zen talk with Obi about how they feel comfortable with him, and Kiki informs Mitsuhide that Zen is worried Mitsuhide's oaths to protect Zen will keep Mitsuhide single forever which Mitsuhide is not terribly worried about as he does not see anyone becoming more important to him than protecting Zen. In the night Obi takes off, and assures a concerned Mitsuhide who was woken by Obi's preparations to leave that he'll be back by morning and that he already told Zen about it. Mitsuhide doesn't stop him but doesn't seem convinced Obi is going to return, and is unimpressed to learn that Obi "told" Zen by leaving a note on Zen's pillow when Zen awakens and doesn't know what Mitsuhide is talking about.

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  • Shirayuki's Pharmaceutical Bag
  • Kiki's Sword
  • Mitsuhide's Sword
  • Zen's Sword


"If you say something like that again in the future master, those words will bring up memories of you being naked." —Obi

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