Chapter 33
Chap 33
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Kanji 第33話
Rōmaji dai 33 wa
Page Count 29 Pages
Volume Number Volume 08
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Zen pesters Obi for being acquainted with an obvious criminal like Torou, and for leaving to meet said criminal without telling anyone where he was going. Obi is actually chastised, since Torou kissed Mitsuhide goodbye before taking off even though the knight was not expecting nor wanting such familiarity from the woman.

After returning to the castle Shirayuki learns that she and Ryuu will be traveling to Lilias to speak with the pharmacy and botany researchers there and discover why they haven't been making the appropriate reports to the capitol. Zen studies up in the Northern Stacks, and is approached by his bother while he's studying in the evening. After Zen tells Izana once more that he doesn't intend to leave Shirayuki behind and intends to ask her to marry him Izana finally offers to become Zen and Shirayuki's ally in their relationship moving forward, but only after he sees for himself how they interact on a larger scale instead of drawing conclusions and trying to drive Shirayuki away as he had before. He also informs Zen that he will be announcing his own engagement soon, to Zen's suprise.

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  • Shirayuki's Pharmaceutical Bag
  • Shirayuki's Royal Pharmacist Uniform
  • Higata's Royal Pharmacist Uniform
  • Map of Willant
  • Zen's Sword


"A uniform! Ah... no, is it a lab coat?" —Shirayuki & Higata

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