Chapter 34
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Kanji 第34話
Rōmaji dai 34 wa
Page Count 37 Pages
Volume Number Volume 08
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Mitsuhide throws up his arms to defend himself when Zen starts trying to blame him of hiding Izana's intent to travel to Wirant at the same time as Shirayuki is on a errand in the same district for the Pharmacy. Once Mitsuhide manages to convince Zen that he learned of Izana's plans at the same time as Zen and Obi and Kiki help calm Zen down Mitsuhide draws his ire once more after Obi questions Zen saying that Izana and Shirayuki won't meet each other, and Zen realizes the full implications of what Mitsuhide meant when he said that Izana is fond of messing with Zen, revealing that he knows more of Izana's plans than Zen retroactively.

To the north Shirayuki and Ryuu's guard announces that they've arrived in Lilias and leaves them near the gate to the Academy District. Their guide in Lilias, Yuzuri, introduces herself after recognizing them by the crests on the back of their cloaks and takes them to the Pharmacy Institute. When they introduce themselves the researchers there are initially upset Garak Gazelt isn't with them, which causes Yuzuri to yell at them for being rude and Suzu to interrupt the researchers to point out just who Ryuu is. Ryuu is quickly overwhelmed by the sudden interest and questions from the researchers, many of whom have read some of his essays, and flees. He ends up kneeling not too far from the room due to his hunger and general lack of exercise and is quickly approached by a somewhat rude and intense boy his own age who asks if he feels cold, before being shocked that Ryuu is a pharmacist and getting kicked out of the Institute by a guard.

The next day Ryuu and Shirauyuki are called in to meet someone by a guard. They are surprised to be brought before Izana, who informs them that he's going to use a false name and spend a bit of time by their sides pretending to be an assistant in the Royal Pharmacy in order to observe things in Lilias incognito. The rude boy from before throws a snowball at a window they're behind as they're leaving, and he's with a friend holding up a sign asking them to come out. When they acquiesce the boy says he wants to show Ryuu something but before he has a chance to his friend collapses and the boy says it's happening again and loudly asks Ryuu if he can't do something about it as Shirayuki kneels to try to help the collapsed child.

Back in Wistal, though it seems to be a jump back to the previous day, Zen reaches the end of his paperwork and goes to his room for a nap and to try to calm his mind, which works poorly when he thinks of Shurayuki and how much he is missing her. Mitsuhide and Obi notice that a newly arrived letter is from Izana and Mitsuhide cuts Zen's nap short to hand it over. Upon reading it Zen is irritated Izana didn't just tell him its contents when they last spoke and informs his aides that they're headed to Wirant as well to meet with his brother.

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