Chapter 41
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Kanji 第41話
Rōmaji dai 41 wa
Page Count 29 Pages
Volume Number Volume 10
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The chapter starts with a flashback to a younger Zen playing a prank on Mitsuhide by asking him what a date is, and then as Mitsuhide attempts to give a very mild but awkward explanation he interrupts him by asking if then the individuals on the date might kiss, before saying it doesn't sound like something Mitsuhide would do.

In the present day Zen tells his aides that he's going for a walk in the city with Shirayuki and Mitsuhide responds that in other words it's a date, causing Zen to choke on the food he was eating. When Obi seems to back Zen up by saying it's just a walk in the city and Zen agrees with him Obi then uses the opportunity to make fun of Zen by exclaiming that Zen being like this is the reason Shirayuki has told Obi that Zen doesn't tell her sweet nothings. Zen responds that he has told Shirayuki something she was wearing looked good on her, and is flustered when he then has to further explain it was the hair ornament Obi won for her causing Obi to laugh uproariously. They then manage to pull a reluctant Mitsuhide into their shenanigans by convincing him to say something that would be a compliment to Shirayuki, telling him to just pretend to woo her and that they'll both do the same afterwards, but instead they laugh and return to their meals.

Zen and Shirayuki go on their "not date" (which is definitely a date), eat a quiche Shirayuki made that morning for lunch, buy presents for the others and Zen buys her a bookmark she likes. When Shirayuki asks him what she can get for him he asks her if she's happy and when she says yes responds that her answer and the day they spent together is the best present he can imagine.

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"Master, ... It's because you're always like this that you haven't managed to say sweet-nothings like "You're so cute" to Mistress at all. [...]You should have at least given her some praise, like, for example saying "It suits you" when she puts on a hair accessory or something." —Obi

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