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Chapter 9
Chap 9
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Kanji 第9話
Rōmaji dai 9 wa
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Volume Number Volume 03
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Shirayuki reflects on her conversation with Izana as she sits on the floor in one of the greenhouses. With his comments getting to her, she wonders "how she should be". Later when she runs into Mitsuhide she tries to find the words to ask him how to act but loses her nerve and runs away. Kiki appears beside Mitsuhide spooking him. Kiki notes how nervous Shirayuki is and that something must have happened with Izana, although she is unsure what.

They return to Zen's office only to be told he has locked himself in his bedroom. Entering the room, they find him in a cloud of tension face down on his bed. Zen informs them that Price Raji has been invited to the castle. He suspects his brother has done so on purpose to get at him. Izana had already slammed him with work, and now even more was piling up, feeling like torture.

In the pharmacy, Shirayuki is surprised by a letter from Zen. She goes to an empty room to read it and is mortified by what she reads. Raji will be at the castle in 20 days time.

Zen and Izana stand at the entrance to the castle to greet Raji. leaving the carriage, Raji tells Sakaki he wishes he was home and looks uncomfortable. As Zen greets him, Raji is petrified. Zen remarks how pleased he is meeting him for the first time, signaling they should pretend they have never met.

At the welcome party, Obi is hiding behind a column. He asks Kiki if he could not come as one of Zen's aids since Lord Haruka is there. Shirayuki meanwhile, overhears the gatekeepers mentioning the party near the garden. To her surprise, Obi appears next to her in the grass.

Obi grabs Shirayuki and drags her off to investigate the party. Crawling through the bushes, they arrive just outside the gate and hedge surrounding the courtyard where the party is taking place. They overhear Lord Haruka questioning Zen about Obi. Shirayuki prods the shocked Obi, telling him to introduce himself to Lord Haruka, which he assures her would be his death.

While all is calm at the party, Izana brings Zen and Raji's attention to Shirayuki, causing Raji to almost choke on his champagne. Izana asks Raji her name. Raji shoots Zen a look, knowing he swore never to say her name again but Zen casually asks if he can remember it, silently giving him the ok. Izana offers to reintroduce her if Raji would like, to both their horror, then comments she must want to return to their country.

Shirayuki is terrified to hear Izana, she is certain she will be made to leave the country with Raji. In a panic she tells Obi she has to go and flees the courtyards. Raji continues to try and smooth over Izana with a story of how he let Shirayuki leave to pursue life in a new country without restrictions. Izana however is very suspicious, and continues to press the subject of them meeting again while he was in the castle.

Unsure what to say, Raji suddenly admits he thinks it best not to, because Zen had plans to propose to Shirayuki. The entire party stops in shock, staring down Raji in befuddlement. Zen drags Raji into the nearest building, pinning him against a wall. Raji insists he thought it was true, or would be eventually because they were together, which Zen denies.

Raji is afraid that if Zen let's Shirayuki go where she pleases, leave the kingdom by not tying her down, she may spill the beans about the poison apple.Realizing it could destroy his kingdom and that Zen doesn't want to have her, he asks to take Shirayuki back to Tanbarun. Zen declines.They return to the party, where everyone is waiting for an explanation. Zen assures them all that there had been a misunderstanding and that he has no plans of proposing to Shirayuki.

Shirayuki wanders the grounds after finishing up in the greenhouse, wondering if she will be forced to leave, what she is doing here, and if any of it matters in the end. She breaks into a sprint, running to where she last saw Zen but he is gone. Then Zen calls to her from the balcony above, offering to come down but Shirayuki begins to climb up a nearby tree to him. When she reached the top, Zen helps her on the balcony where she falls to her knees.

Zen bends beside her and she grabs him in a hug, head buried in his chest. Zen is confused and asks if something is wrong. She tells him yes but not what. Zen embraces her back, holding her.

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