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Chapter 94
Chapter 94 cover
Chapter Information
Kanji 第94話
Rōmaji dai 94 wa
Volume Number Volume 19
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After the events of the previous chapters Kiki, Earl Seiran, Hisame, and Mitsuhide enjoy the festival, with Mitsuhide in particular trying to put the implications and ramifications of Kiki's proposal and turning it down behind him. Kiki soon meets the announcer from the Sereg Knight Circle who amicably chats with her about thinking he'd seen Vice Commander Hisame Lugis at the festival, only for Hisame to appear behind the knight with a smirk, which scares the knight back to the other off duty Sereg Circle members at the festival. Kiki and Hisame chat awhile about Mitsuhide ending the conversation with Kiki agreeing that she will not investigate Mitsuhide's matter about Zen saying that, "stuff like this probably falls under Prince Zen's jurisdiction."

Character AppearancesEdit

Character Debuts Edit

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

  • Earl Seiran
  • Kiki Seiran
  • Hisame Lugis
  • Mitsuhide Rouen
  • Sereg Knight Announcer
  • Boisterous Sereg Knight
  • Petite Sereg Knight
  • Zen Wistaria (flashback only)
  • Ikoma


  • Kiki Seiran's Sword
  • Mitsuhide Rouen's Sword


"For you, are your most important feelings those that make up your whole self or those deep within?" —Earl Seiran
"Kiki, when we see each other again, let's go back to the palace." —Mitsuhide

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