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Chapter 95
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Page Count 31 pages
Volume Number Volume 19
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The trio, Shirayuki Zen and Obi, have finally arrived in Lyrias and make their way to the Lyrias post. The trio are greeted by Suzu and Yuzuri. Yuzuri thinks that Obi has brought Kirito back but instead she is surprised to see Zen. Suzu and Yuzuri are both greeted by Zen and are both alarmed when the meet such a high ranking person. Suzu asks what type of relationship Obi has to Zen because Obi always called Zen "Master", in which Zen responses, "Basically he's an eccentric friend that can just be around. There's no need for formalities and all that." Obi surprised by such a response whispers to Zen that he should have just told him his title....


Character AppearancesEdit

Character DebutsEdit


Characters in Order of AppearancesEdit

  1. Zen
  2. Shirayuki
  3. Obi
  4. Suzu
  5. Yuzuri


"Hey there Obi! You're back, huh?" —Yuzuri
"Oh, welcome back Shirayuki!" —Suzu
"My ears are freezing, how about you guys [Shirayuki and Obi]?" —Zen
"Even if you [Zen] get lonely just because I stepped out for a bit, please bear with it and just wait!" —Obi
"Listen! I'm bad at... handling colds..." —Zen
"Then let's kiss." —Shirayuki


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