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Chapter 96
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Volume Number Volume 19
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Shirayuki, now in Lyrias, can finally start working again. She busily works on medicine with Suzu and Ryuu. Shirayuki and Ryuu come upon Zen and Obi who were just finishing a competition between each other. While the group is walking together, Obi asked Shirayuki what her work schedule is tomorrow. Shirayuki replies that she will be free in the noon and asked why he asked. Obi responds that he needs to work on some errands that have been building up tomorrow. Fast forward to tomorrow morning, Shirayuki and Obi meet again...

Character AppearancesEdit

Character DebutsEdit

Characters in Order of AppearancesEdit

  1. Shirayuki
  2. Suzu
  3. Izuru
  4. Ryuu
  5. Zen
  6. Obi
  7. Unamed Lady
  8. Bar Lady
  9. Customers
  10. Kiki
  11. Mitsuhide


"Morning, Obi! You're up early." —Shirayuki
"When I'm dealing with something outside my comfort zone, it's like my senses dull..." —Obi
"I'll always be facing towards you all [Zen and Obi]." —Shirayuki


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