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A Mysterious Swordsman Appears?
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Volume Number Volume 20
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In order to spar and train with the soldiers at the Lilias Knight Circle prince Zen does a turn as a "black knight", a knight whose identity is hidden, as royalty is wont to do so that they can participate in jousts, tournaments and spars without their opponents needing to forfeit to avoid accusations of oath breaking. While most of the garrison knows precisely who the mysterious swordsman is the disguise allows them to treat him like a traveling knight rather than a prince during training.

Mitsuhide decides to spend his day off helping Obi and the others at the base shovel snow. When they're done Obi and Mitsuhide go to the bathhouse, where Mitsuhide brings up a plan he's trying to make without Zen noticing. Obi asks Mitsuhide if them sleeping in the same room has helped Mitsuhide's recent sleeping problem and Mitsuhide says it has.

After spending the day cleaning the Pharmacy Kazaha loudly declares he wants to go to the bath house and Suzu decides the pharmacists and their friends are going to the bath house in the Tent District. Shirayuki leaves from the bathhouse to meet Zen and his retainers for dinner, but when she arrives at the meeting point only Zen is there, and he tells her the others said they were going to meet them at the restaurant and that Mitsuhide gave him a map. Back at the bathhouse Kirito wakes up Suzu, who took a nap after eating and his bath, and tells him that he slept for two hours. Ryuu tells them they've been snowed in and can no longer get home from the bathhouse so they'll have to spend the night.

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