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Main CharactersEdit

Main article: Shirayuki
Shirayuki is the main female protagonist with apple-red hair and green eyes. She ran away from her hometown, Tanbarun, to flee from Prince Raji who wanted her as his concubine. She meets Zen when she decided to rest in an abandoned house and soon becomes a royal pharmacist in the kingdom of Clarines. Her main belief is that a person chooses his or her own path; they choose their own fate. Her social status as a commoner causes problems for her and Zen, but she also believes that social statuses are of no importance.

Main article: Zen
Zen Wistaria is the main male protagonist with light silver short hair and blue eyes. He is the second prince of Clarines who suddenly meets Shirayuki after jumping over a wall. Soon he falls in love with Shirayuki, who then later on becomes his lover.

Main article: Mitsuhide Rouen
Mitsuhide Rouen is one of the main male characters of Akagami no Shirayukihime. Mitsuhide has short, blue hair and brown eyes. He is the first aid to Zen and is partners with Kiki. He meets Shirayuki when he goes to check out Zen after he failed at jumping over the barrier surrounding the abandoned house.

Main article: Kiki
Kiki Seiran is one of the main female characters of Akagami no Shirayukihime. Kiki has long blonde hair and indigo eyes. She is the second aid to Zen and is Mitsuhide's partner in combat. She is a lord's daughter but decided to become Zen's aide to run away from her arranged marriage.

Main article: Obi
Obi is one of the main male characters of Akagami no Shirayukihime. Obi has short black hair and yellow eyes. He is a former assassin who took small jobs for nobles until he met Zen. He helps out Zen and is Shirayuki's bodyguard when she goes to Tanbarun. He has feelings for Shirayuki but he also supports Shirayuki's relationship with Zen.

Main article: Raji

Raji Shenazard is a male supporting character and the former main male antagonist. He has short brown hair and grey-blue eyes. He is the crown prince of Tanbarun. He tried to make Shirayuki his concubine but failed when Zen confronted him. He has now become friends with Shirayuki.

Supporting CharactersEdit

Ryuu anime
Main article: Ryuu

Ryuu is a supporting male character with short brown hair and turquoise eyes. He is one of the youngest characters being only 12 years old, but he is a court pharmacist. Ryuu was Shirayuki's mentor while she was an apprentice court pharmacist. He is seen having trouble communicating with other people, including kids his age.

Prince Izana
Main article: Izana

Izana Wistaria is a supporting male character and a former male antagonist with blond hair and blue eyes. He is Zen's older brother and was the crown prince, but is now the king of Clarines. Shirayuki meets Izana when he thinks Shirayuki is tricking Zen into falling in love with her.

Main article: Garrack Gazelt

Garrack Gazelt is a supporting female character with violet eyes and dirty blonde hair. She is the chief court pharmacist for Clarines. She promoted Shirayuki to apprentice court pharmacist and later to court pharmacist.

Minor CharactersEdit

Kiharu Togrul
Main article: Kihal Toghrul

Kihal Toghrul is a minor female character with black hair and green eyes. She is a villager who soon became part of the bird messengers for Clarines. She helped enact the rights to keep Popo and the other birds from being hunted. Kihal is good friends with Shirayuki and Zen.

Marques Haruka
Main article: Haruka

Haruka is a former minor male antagonist with blonde hair and brown eyes. He tried to scare away Shirayuki from the Clarines castle by hiring Obi and faced her himself. He is a marquess of Clarines.

Main article: Atri

Atri was a minor male character, turned into an antagonist. He was Zen's childhood friend before turning his back on him after his family plotted revenge for the Clarines kingdom. He was killed by Mitsuhide after he tried to assassinate Zen.

Mihaya Now
Main article: Mihaya

Mihaya is a minor male antagonist turned minor character with brown hair and black eyes. He kidnapped Shirayuki in an attempt to sell her off to become a noble again. His plans were foiled when Shirayuki tried to escape and then Zen saved her, arresting Mihaya. He later became an aid of Raji.


Main article: Sakaki

Sakaki is a minor male character with gray-blue hair and black eyes. He has been Prince Raji's first aide since the prince was just five years old, and sometimes acts fatherly towards Raji. Sakaki respects both Shirayuki and Zen, but still tries to convince Shirayuki to come back to Tanbarun.


Main article: Yatsufusa

Yatsufusa is a minor male character. Not much is known about him except that he is Garrack's assistant and that he wears a bandana to cover most of his face.

Kazuki anime

Main article: Kazuki

Kazuki is a minor male antagonist who later becomes a minor character in the story. He has long blond hair and golden eyes, a pretty boy look. Kazuki and Itoya kidnap Shirayuki on the night of Raji's ball. Unfortunately, Kazuki and Shirayuki get captured by Umihebi and imprisoned on her ship. They get rescued by Zen, Shirayuki's friends, and the Mountain Lion's warriors.

Itoya anime

Main article: Itoya

Itoya is a minor male antagonist who later becomes a minor character in the story. He is Kazuki's assistant who defends Kazuki from Obi while he kidnaps Shirayuki. He is a middle age man with white hair and turquoise eyes, with a prominent scar on his right eye. While Itoya was getting water for Kazuki, Kazuki and Shirayuki were kidnapped by Umihebi's men, leaving Itoya to search for them.


Main article: Rona Shenazard

Rona Shenazard is a minor female character with orchid colored hair and pine eyes. She is the first princess of Tanbarun. She is the younger sister of Raji Shenazard and twin of Eugena Shenazard. Rona secretly hopes that Shirayuki will become Raji's bride, and change Raji for the better.


Main article: Eugena Shenazard

Eugena Shenazard is a minor male character with dark pink hair and pine colored eyes. He is the second prince of Tanbarun. He is the younger brother of Raji Shenazard and twin of Rona Shenazard. He usually get's pushed around by Rona and and follows her where ever she goes.


Main article: Umihebi

Umihebi is a female antagonist with seaweed colored hair and lime green eyes. She is the leader of Sea's Talon, a pirate group. Umihebi kidnapped Shirayuki and Kadzuki wanting to sell them as slaves for Shirayuki's unusual hair color and Kadzuki's pretty boy looks. Her plans were foiled after Zen and his team members, with the help of the Mountain Lion's, rescued Shirayuki and Kadzuki. The group then Imprisoned Umehibi and her men in Tanbarun prisons.

King Shernzard anime

Main article: King Shenazard

King Shenazard is a minor male character with brown hair and gray eyes. He is the king of Tanbarun and father of Raji, Eugena, and Rona Shenazard. He allows Zen and his group to roam in the land of Tanbaurn to rescue Shirayuki, with the help of Raji and his men.

Mukaze mad

Main article: Mukaze

Mukaze is a minor male character with mahogany colored hair and basil eyes. He is Shirayuki's father and the leader of the Mountain Lions. He teams up with Zen and his group after Shirayuki was kidnapped by Umihebi. He defeats Umihebi one on one after searching for her group for years.


Main article: Shuka

Shuka is a minor male character with light brown hair and hazel eyes. He is an apprentice soldier at Fort Laxdo. Shuka befriended Shirayuki after she consoled him during the incident at the fort. He holds Zen in high respect.

Kai Ulkir

Main article: Kai Ulkir

Kai Ulkir is a palace guard at the Poet Gate. He has dirty blond hair and brown eyes. Kai takes a liking to Shirayuki when she first comes to castle and thinks that it is cool that she's friends with the prince.

Shiira Eigan

Main article: Shiira Eigan

Shiira Eigan is Kai Ulkir's senior and guards the Poet Gate with him. He has brown hair and dark blue eyes. He is more mature than Kai and often has to deal with his frantics.


Main article: Torou

Torou is an assassin who was a colleague of Obi. She meets the main group when they rest at a local tavern.

Manga Only CharactersEdit


Main article: Yuzuri
Yuzuri is a recurring character. She is a botanist from Lyrias and a friend of Suzu.

Main article: Suzu
Suzu is a young man from Lyrias. He worked with Shirayuki in Lyrias.

Main Article: Shidan
Shidan is a pharmacist stationed permanently at Lyrias, specializing in research of Lyrias people.

Main article: Lata Forzeno
Lata Forzeno is a mineralogist.

Main article: Haki
Haki is the Head of Academy District. Is now engaged to Izana.

Main article: Kirito
Kirito is a young boy from Lyrias.

Main article: Hisame Lugis
Hisame Lugis is the vice captain of the Sereg Knights. He is also a suitor for Kiki Seiran hand in marriage.

Main article: Amakize Lugis
Amakize Lugis is the first son of Count Lugis and the current head of House Lugis. He is Hisame Lugis' older brother.

Main article: Tsuruba Bergatt
Tsuruba Bergatt is the current head of the Bergatt House. He is the older twin brother of Tariga Bergatt and younger brother of Touka Bergatt; all sons of Lord Bergatt.

Main article: Tariga Bergatt
Tariga Bergatt is a noble from the Bergatt House. He is the younger twin brother of Tsuruba Bergatt and younger brother of Touka Bergatt; all sons of Lord Bergatt.

Main article: Touka Bergatt
Touka Bergatt is a noble from the Bergatt House. He was the former head of the Bergatt House, but was stripped of it when he was trying to gain back the Bergatt lands forcefully.

Main article: Lord Bergatt
Lord Bergatt was the former head of the Bergatt House who died by the hands of his son, Touka Bergatt, who poisoned him and took his position as the head of the house. He is the father of his three sons Touka Bergatt, Tsuruba Bergatt, and Tariga Bergatt.

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Kazaha Main article: Izuru
Izuru is Shidan's assistant.

Main article: Anasagi