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This is a general overview of the characters within the tale of Akagami no Shirayukihime containing links to individual character pages for those characters which possess them. In general there are far more male characters, (named, unnamed and even filling in the background) than females with male characters prominent enough to be given a name and/or title numbering at 60 while there are only 12 such women in the tale. Families consist mostly of men with mothers, wives, grandmothers and aunts not clearly depicted, mentioned or named except in the case of Haruto Wistaria. While there are at least seven acknowledged sets of siblings no family has more than one daughter, while several have multiple sons. Elderly women in particular don't seem to exist in this world while there are elderly men to spare, and strangely whatever medical cause might be at the root of this is not addressed despite the main character being a woman who acts as a doctor. Despite this disparity in numbers women in Clarines enjoy more freedom than most women in the time period the work draws most heavily from as they often hold prominent positions, become scholars and inherit lands and titles in their own right. Noble ladies may also become knights and swordsmen, though this is less common and frequently commented on when it occurs. Women and commoners on the other side of the border with Tanbarun have fewer rights.


Main Characters[edit | edit source]


The story is centered on the protagonist Shirayuki, with her love interest Prince Zen Wistaria of Clarines acting as deuteragonist. Zen's aides Mitsuhide Rouen and Kiki Seiran along with the reformed former mercenary and assassin Obi round out the five main characters. Zen, Kiki and Mitsuhide first met Shirayuki shortly after she crossed Clarines' eastern border while fleeing from Tanbarun. Zen was traveling incognito at the time which allowed him and Shrayui to begin their friendship without the influence and interference of his title. Obi entered the picture a couple of months later under the employ of Marquis Haruka, who had hired him to prevent Shirayuki from continuing to meet with the prince. After being caught Obi handed himself over to Zen as he was intrigued by both Zen and Shirayuki and their unconventional relationship and stubbornness.

Supporting Characters[edit | edit source]


Main article: Raji[edit | edit source]

Raji Shenazard is the crown prince of Tanbarun and the series first antagonist. He has short brown hair and grey-blue eyes. He is the Moron prince of Tanbarun. He tried to make Shirayuki his concubine but failed after accidentally poisoning Zen, the which was used to get him to back off in order to prevent knowledge of the incident from spreading, which could have disastrous consequences for his political future. He has now become (somewhat uneasy) friends with Shirayuki following some self reflection on his idiocy and character development.

Ryuu anime.png

Main article: Ryuu[edit | edit source]

Ryuu is a supporting male character with short brown hair and turquoise eyes. He is one of the youngest characters being only 12 years old, but he is a court pharmacist. Ryuu was Shirayuki's mentor while she was an apprentice court pharmacist. He is seen having trouble communicating with other people, including kids his age.

Prince Izana.png

Main article: Izana[edit | edit source]

Izana Wistaria is a supporting male character and a former male antagonist with blond hair and blue eyes. He is Zen's older brother and was the crown prince, but is now the king of Clarines. Shirayuki meets Izana when he thinks Shirayuki is tricking Zen into falling in love with her.


Main article: Garrack Gazelt[edit | edit source]

Garrack Gazelt is a supporting female character with violet eyes and dirty blonde hair. She is the chief court pharmacist for Clarines. She promoted Shirayuki to apprentice court pharmacist and later to court pharmacist.


Main article: Yuzuri[edit | edit source]

Yuzuri is a botanist from Lilias who was Shirayuki and Ryuu's guide the first time they visited the city. During their first visit she helped them unravel the cause and cure for the mysterious illness afflicting the city and later supported the Olin Maris research. She has long been friends with Suzu and took a liking to Shirayuki and Ryuu very quickly, befriending them before the Olin Maris "incident" was even over.


Main article: Suzu[edit | edit source]

Suzu is a young man from Lilias who heads the pharmacy which supplies the city with medicine. He worked with Shirayuki, Obi and Ryuu to uncover a cure for the mysterious illness striking Lilias and later became one of the Olin Maris researchers. While he befriended all of the members of the royal palace trio he really hit it off with Obi and the two could often be found gossiping and going for meals together when they had corresponding time off.

Kirito Ryuu volume 11.png

Main article: Kirito[edit | edit source]

Kirito is a boy from Lilias who forcibly befriended Ryuu. He is one of the Royal Messengers of Lilias (a page essentially), which keeps him busy but not busy enough that he stays out from underfoot at the Pharmacy Institute. The reason for the absence of his parents is never addressed and his only guardian seems to be his uncle Shidan.

Hisame 0.png

Main article: Hisame Lugis[edit | edit source]

Hisame Lugis is the vice captain of the Sereg Knight Circle. He has been a suitor for Kiki Seiran's hand in marriage since childhood, and has with the maturity that comes with age properly proposed and become engaged to her as an adult, to the surprise of many including himself. He and Mitsuhide have had a rocky relationship but seem to be friends these days, even if he is easily irritated by Mitsuhide's generosity and occasional simple mindedness and Mitsuhide is easily annoyed by Hisame's teasing.

Minor Characters[edit | edit source]

Kiharu Togrul.png

Main article: Kihal Toghrul[edit | edit source]

Kihal Toghrul is a minor female character with black hair and green eyes. She is a villager who soon became part of the bird messengers for Clarines. She helped enact the rights to keep Popo and the other birds from being hunted. Kihal is good friends with Shirayuki and Zen.

Marques Haruka.png

Main article: Haruka[edit | edit source]

Haruka is a former minor male antagonist with blonde hair and brown eyes. He tried to scare away Shirayuki from the Wistal castle by hiring Obi and faced her himself. He is a marquess of Clarines.


Main article: Atri[edit | edit source]

Atri was a minor male character, turned into an antagonist. He was Zen's childhood friend before turning his back on him after his family plotted revenge for the Clarines kingdom. He was killed by Mitsuhide after he tried to assassinate Zen.

Mihaya Now.png

Main article: Mihaya[edit | edit source]

Mihaya is a minor male antagonist turned minor character with brown hair and black eyes. He kidnapped Shirayuki in an attempt to sell her off to become a noble again. His plans were foiled when Shirayuki tried to escape and then Zen saved her, arresting Mihaya. He later became an aid of Raji.


Main article: Sakaki[edit | edit source]

Sakaki is a minor male character with gray-blue hair and black eyes. He has been Prince Raji's first aide since the prince was just five years old, and sometimes acts fatherly towards Raji. Sakaki respects both Shirayuki and Zen, but still tries to convince Shirayuki to come back to Tanbarun.


Main article: Yatsufusa[edit | edit source]

Yatsufusa is a minor male character. Not much is known about him except that he is Garrack's assistant and that he wears a bandana to cover most of his face.

Kazuki anime.png

Main article: Kazuki[edit | edit source]

Kazuki is a minor male antagonist who later becomes a minor character in the story. He has long blond hair and golden eyes, a pretty boy look. Kazuki and Itoya kidnap Shirayuki on the night of Raji's ball. Unfortunately, Kazuki and Shirayuki get captured by Umihebi and imprisoned on her ship. They get rescued by Zen, Shirayuki's friends, and the Mountain Lion's warriors.

Itoya anime.png

Main article: Itoya[edit | edit source]

Itoya is a minor male antagonist who later becomes a minor character in the story. He is Kazuki's assistant who defends Kazuki from Obi while he kidnaps Shirayuki. He is a middle age man with white hair and turquoise eyes, with a prominent scar on his right eye. While Itoya was getting water for Kazuki, Kazuki and Shirayuki were kidnapped by Umihebi's men, leaving Itoya to search for them.


Main article: Rona Shenazard[edit | edit source]

Rona Shenazard is a minor female character with orchid colored hair and pine eyes. She is the first princess of Tanbarun. She is the younger sister of Raji Shenazard and twin of Eugena Shenazard. Rona secretly hopes that Shirayuki will become Raji's bride, and change Raji for the better.


Main article: Eugena Shenazard[edit | edit source]

Eugena Shenazard is a minor male character with rose brown hair and pine colored eyes. He is the second prince of Tanbarun. He is the younger brother of Raji Shenazard and twin of Rona Shenazard. He usually get's pushed around by Rona and and follows her where ever she goes.


Main article: Umihebi[edit | edit source]

Umihebi is a female antagonist with seaweed colored hair and lime green eyes. She is the leader of Sea's Talon, a pirate group. Umihebi kidnapped Shirayuki and Kadzuki wanting to sell them as slaves for Shirayuki's unusual hair color and Kadzuki's pretty boy looks. Her plans were foiled after Zen and his team members, with the help of the Mountain Lion's, rescued Shirayuki and Kadzuki. The group then imprisoned Umehibi and her surviving men in Tanbarun prisons.

Mukaze mad.png

Main article: Mukaze[edit | edit source]

Mukaze is a minor male character with mahogany colored hair and basil eyes. He is Shirayuki's father and the leader of the Mountain Lions. He teams up with Zen and his group after Shirayuki was kidnapped by Umihebi. He defeats Umihebi one on one after searching for her group for years.


Main article: Shuka[edit | edit source]

Shuka is a minor male character with light brown hair and hazel eyes. He is an apprentice soldier at Fort Laxdo. Shuka befriended Shirayuki after she consoled him during the incident at the fort. He holds Zen in high respect.

Kai Ulkir.jpg

Main article: Kai Ulkir[edit | edit source]

Kai Ulkir is a palace guard at the Poet Gate. He has dirty blond hair and brown eyes. Kai takes a liking to Shirayuki when she first comes to castle and thinks that it is cool that she's friends with the prince. He is one of the capitol's biggest gossip mongers and is often seen exchanging the latest news and rumors with other guards and maids in the palace.

Shiira Eigan.jpg

Main article: Shiira Eigan[edit | edit source]

Shiira Eigan is Kai Ulkir's senior and guards the Poet Gate with him. He has brown hair and dark blue eyes. He is more mature than Kai and often has to deal with his antics.


Main article: Torou[edit | edit source]

Torou is a mercenary who was a colleague of Obi in the group he was associated with before he was injured and moved on to more legitimate work, eventually quitting participating in criminal activities altogether after choosing Zen and Shirayuki as his master and mistress. She meets the main group when they rest at a local tavern and notes that Obi has changed, though he's still as skilled a fighter as he ever was.

Main article: Keedo Dayna[edit | edit source]

A young noble who tired to run away from home, but stole the boat and ripped off the first set of "guards" he hired along his way, causing them to reveal what he was doing and hire Torou to track him down and bring him home so that they could get paid.

Main Article: Shidan[edit | edit source]

Shidan is a pharmacist stationed permanently at Lilias, specializing in research of the people of Lilias. He is Kirito's uncle and has known Garak since they were both young researchers in Lilias.

Main article: Lata Forzeno[edit | edit source]

Lata Forzeno is a reclusive noble and mineralogist with a lab in Lilias. He actively served in the military with a Knight Order in the past but has retired from that life to focus on his studies, though he does maintain and carry his sword as is his right and responsibility as an able bodied knight of the realm.

Main article: Haki Arleon[edit | edit source]

Haki Arleon was the former Head of Academy District in Lilias. She is engaged to King Izana and has left Lilias for the capitol to be nearer to her fiance.

Main article: Amakize Lugis[edit | edit source]

Amakize Lugis is the first son of Count Lugis and the current head of House Lugis. He is Hisame Lugis' older brother.

Main article: Tsuruba Bergatt[edit | edit source]

Tsuruba Bergatt is the current head of the Bergatt House. He is the older twin brother of Tariga Bergatt and younger brother of Touka Bergatt; all sons of Lord Bergatt.

Main article: Tariga Bergatt[edit | edit source]

Tariga Bergatt is a noble from the Bergatt House. He is the younger twin brother of Tsuruba Bergatt and younger brother of Touka Bergatt; all sons of Lord Bergatt.

Main article: Touka Bergatt[edit | edit source]

Touka Bergatt is a noble from the Bergatt House. He was the former head of the Bergatt House, but was stripped of it when he was trying to gain back the Bergatt lands forcefully.

Main article: Yuuha[edit | edit source]

Yuuha is a misogynistic and arrogant courtier who accuses Shirayuki of trying to sleep her way to a favorable position within Clarines.

Main article: Mikage[edit | edit source]

Mikage is the current Lord of the Rid (or Lido) lands, who was promoted to the position as result of a gambit played by Izana which saw the previous lord stripped of his titles and imprisoned.

Main article: Kazaha[edit | edit source]

Kazaha is an eccentric pharmacist with a focus in botany in Lilias.

Main article: Izuru[edit | edit source]

Izuru is a pharmacist and botanist in Lilias who works as Shidan's assistant. She is from the same hometown as Kazaha.

Main article: Anasagi[edit | edit source]

Anasagi is a member of the Sui family who serves the current Lord Sui in the capitol.

Main article: Ranka[edit | edit source]

Ranka is a high ranking member of the Imperial Guard who was given the unenviable task of arresting Mitsuhide on information he knew was likely planted to frame the prince's trusted aide, and later had to report to King Izana that there had been an assassination attempt on prince Zen while Zen's most long serving loyal protector was imprisoned due to Ranka's own orders.

Main article: Kamiragi Kadif[edit | edit source]

Kamiragi Kadif is the Knight Circle Commander at Oriold. As one of the knight commanders of Wirant he is among those whose permission Shirayuki and Obi need to obtain for the spread of their non-toxic Olin Maris cultivar.

Main article: Eisetsu Rugilia[edit | edit source]

Eisetsu Rugilia is the young lord of Wirant whose lands include Oriold. He is fond of eye catching and refined things and holds a night banquet which Shirayuki, Obi and Ryuu attend on a last minute invite from Eisetsu's retainer Shuu Gratley in order to seek his approval to plant Phostyrias on the roads passing through his estate.

Main article: Michal[edit | edit source]

Sir Michal is an acquaintance of Mitsuhide's who accompanied him to the ball where Mitsuhide and Kiki first met, though it took Mitsuhide a while to realize the young swordsman Kiki and the young noble lady who had hidden from the party in the same alcove as him were one and the same.

Unnamed Characters[edit | edit source]

King Shernzard anime.png

Main article: King Shenazard[edit | edit source]

Gender: Male

Age: 40+

First Appearance: Chapter 23

King Shenazard is a minor male character with brown hair and gray eyes. He is the king of Tanbarun and father of Raji, Eugena, and Rona Shenazard. He allows Zen and his group authority to act in Tanbaurn to rescue Shirayuki, with the help of Raji and his men. As the royals of Tanbarun are known to collect concubines it is unknown if his children all have the same mother or if he is married.

Father Serian.png

Main article: Earl Seiran[edit | edit source]

Gender: Male

Age: 40+

First Appearance: Chapter 43

Earl Seiran is the father of Kiki Seiran and the widower of Countess Seiran. He is an earl/count from one of Clarines' most respected old families and the Sereg Knight Circle is housed on his lands. His long hair makes him easy to recognize as most men, especially nobles, in Clarines wear their hair short. He is supportive of his daughter, even though they argue about many of her life choices since he'd rather she focus on her inheritance.

Father Bergatt.png

Main article: Lord Bergatt[edit | edit source]

Gender: Male

Age: Deceased

First Appearance: Chapter 81

Lord Bergatt was the former head of the Bergatt House who died by the hands of his son, Touka Bergatt, who poisoned him and took his position as Earl. He is the father of three sons Touka Bergatt, Tsuruba Bergatt, and Tariga Bergatt.

Fort Laxdo Doctor[edit | edit source]

Gender: Male

Age: 20+

First Appearance: Chapter 7

The doctor at Fort Laxdo who did not realize the cause of the illness which struck those under his care as he had no background in botany.

Fort Laxdo Knight Commander[edit | edit source]

Gender: Male

Age: 30+

First Appearance: Chapter 7

The commander at Fort Laxdo, and the only individual stationed there who is confirmed to be a knight rather than a rank and file soldier.

Shirayuki Grandmother.png

Shirayuki's Grandmother[edit | edit source]

Gender: Female

Age: Deceased

First Appearance: Chapter 26

Shirayuki's Grandmother was a bartender in Tanbarun who raised Shirayuki after her mother's death. Given her lack of noble title she is likely Shirayuki's maternal grandmother. She died before the start of the story and her cause of death is unknown.

Cheating Royal Pharmacist Applicant[edit | edit source]

Gender: Male

Age: 18+

First Appearance: Chapter 4

The applicant to the Royal Pharmacy exam who sabotaged the other test takers. He was disqualified from the exam after his cheating was uncovered after he unknowingly locked Prince Zen in one of the greenhouses. It is unknown if he sabotaged any other exam takers besides Shirayuki, as his admission of guilt had him say only that he wanted to take out at least one of the other applicants. He sat in the second row during the exam meeting in the Blue Council Room, directly behind the concerned pharmacist who introduced herself to Shirayuki and about three seats to Shirayuki's left. He had dark spiky hair that was pulled into a long ponytail in back.

Concerned Pharmacist.png

Concerned Royal Pharmacist Applicant[edit | edit source]

Gender: Female

Age: 18+

First Appearance: Chapter 4

An applicant to the Royal Pharmacy exam who talked to Shirayuki about how she was expecting a written portion to the exam rather than a three day practical. She was wearing a nice dress for the introduction to the exam since it was held in the castle, being dressed more formally than any of the other exam takers, she was also one of only four exam takers to sit in the front row during the exam giving meeting in the Blue Council Room. She is nearly a head taller than Shirayuki, making her one of the tallest women in the manga. In the end she did not pass the exam and it is unknown if her test was sabotaged like Shirayuki's, though if it was she either didn't realize it or didn't make a complaint about it. She was also the only applicant to be shown clearly avoiding the gossip about Shirayuki's hair, instead introducing herself to Shirayuki and talking with her about the exam rather than standing back and whispering about her.

Shirayukis Mother.png

Shirayuki's Mother[edit | edit source]

Gender: Female

Age: Deceased

First Appearance: Chapter 26

Shirayuki's mother was engaged to Mukaze but was forcibly sent to his uncle's home to be married his uncle instead, due to his status as a noble in Tanbarun her dislike of the paring didn't matter. She fled the arranged marriage with Mukaze's help, making both her and Mukaze outlaws and losing Mukaze's own noble status. When they arrived in the mountains they met and joined the Mountain Lions mercenary group. She died when Shirayuki was very young and Shirayuki has no memory of her. Her cause of death is unknown.

Androgynous Boy.png

Kirito's Androgynous Friend[edit | edit source]

Gender: Male

Age: 10-14

First Appearance: Chapter 34

A boy near Kirito and Ryuu's age who lives in Lilias. Shirayuki mistook him for a girl the first time they met. He was the sixth of the children, and fifth of Kirito's friends, to fall ill with Olin Maris poisoning during the incident which led to the gates of Lilias being closed. Almost a year later he helped promote the Lilias Herbal Tea that the Olin Maris researchers were using to raise funds.

East Wing Chamberlain.png

Chamberlain of the East Wing[edit | edit source]

Gender: Male

Age: 18+

First Appearance: Chapter 47

The chamberlain in who cares for the suite of rooms in the East Wing of Wistal Palace which Izana grants to Zen for his retinue.


Sereg Knight Commander[edit | edit source]

Gender: Male

Age: 30+

First Appearance: Chapter 50

The Knight Commander/Captain at Sereg who is in constant despair at his vice captain's antics. He is very rule abiding and conscious of social propriety which makes him a huge contrast to the sly loophole abusing Hisame, whom he is constantly, futilely, ordering to behave. The contrast between the two highest ranking knights at Sereg helps to make the organization surprisingly effective as between the two of them they tend to notice any irregularities and suspicious activity in the region under their protection and among their men which might go overlooked by a more traditional set of officers. Main article: Sereg Knight Circle

Sereg YoungerAnnouncer.png

Sereg Knight Announcer[edit | edit source]

Gender: Male

Age: 18+

First Appearance: Chapter 67

A knight at the Sereg Knight Circle who is fond of Kiki and Mitsuhide but unnerved by his Vice Captain Hisame. He keeps his hair combed back while in uniform but lets it loose in a tousled look when off duty. He attended the night banquet at the Royal Palace where he introduced himself to Shirayuki, and then stood to the side watching as other young men clamored for her attention. During Zen and his attendants' stay at Sereg this knight acted as the announcer for the exhibition matches. Later he is one of the knights to fight off Touka's thugs during the attack on Sereg. He regularly attends the annual harvest festival hosted by the Seiran family. Identifying traits include his slightly asymmetrical eyebrows, the fact that his upper eyelids have less curvature than his lower ones, his height (a little shorter than Hisame), his light colored short hair and the group of four friends he is usually found with. Main article: Sereg Knight Circle

Chapter 44 Young Knights.png

Wavy Haired Sereg Knight[edit | edit source]

Gender: Male

Age: 16+

First Appearance: Chapter 67

A knight at the Sereg Knight Circle who looks up to Kiki and Mitsuhide, and wishes to gain the connections they have by becoming aides to Zen. He attended the night banquet at the Royal Palace with the "Sereg Announcer" where he was one of the young men who was overwhelming Shirayuki when Hisame approached and scared of the group slowly encircling her and trying to impress her. He also regularly attends the harvest festival on the Seiran lands with the "Announcer" and two other friends. His Vice Captain Hisame identifies him as a social climber. In the past he was one of the last Sereg knights in training to learn Kiki wasn't a boy, since he had to be told rather than realizing by himself that she was a swordswoman rather than a swordsman. Identifying traits include his lithe build, dark eyelashes and light messy wavy hair. Main article: Sereg Knight Circle


Head of the Tea Merchant's Guild[edit | edit source]

Gender: Male

Age: 18+

First Appearance: Chapter 69

The critical narrow eyed man in charge of the tea merchants in Lilias, permission is needed from him in order to start selling a new type of tea or open a new tea specific stall, though presumably permission could also be granted by the Arleon family going around the guilds is frowned upon and could cause trouble. He also owns a brick and mortar tea store on Pavilion Street.

Boisterous Sereg Knight.png

Boisterous Sereg Knight[edit | edit source]

Gender: Male

Age: 16+

First Appearance: Chapter 75

A knight at the Sereg Knight Circle who is fond of Kiki and Mitsuhide and generally spends his time off duty with the "announcer" and two others from Sereg. He is never seen without some kind of smile on his face and enjoys watching and participating in challenges of strength and skill. Identifying traits include his fit stocky build, short dark eyebrows, short light hair, small dark almond shaped eyes, square jaw and constant smile. Main article: Sereg Knight Circle


Earl Seiran's Valet
Gender: Male

Age: 18+

First Appearance: Chapter 77

The long haired personal attendant to Earl Seiran who accompanies him towards Sereg Base when it seems people related to the Seiran Family are being attacked.


"Doctor Dono"
Gender: Male

Age: 20+

First Appearance: Chapter 72

The head doctor for the Lirias Knight Circle. He gets his pharmaceutical supplies from the pharmacy at the Pharmacy Institute and when he is too ill to work is replaced temporarily by a pharmacist from the Institute as both the Knight Circle and the Institute are ultimately overseen by the royal family. He has at least one apprentice as an assistant.

Sereg Trio.png

Petite Sereg Knight[edit | edit source]

Gender: Male

Age: 16+

First Appearance: Chapter 83

A knight at the Sereg Knight Circle who is friendly with Mitsuhide and looks up to Kiki. He generally spends his time off duty with the "Boisterous Sereg Knight". He is by far the smallest of the adult knights at Sereg outside the Bergatts, but doesn't allow his small stature to keep him from competing with the best. He is known to have challenged Sir Mitsuhide to an arm wrestling contest at the harvest festival on the Seiran lands, and didn't seem to regret it despite how easy the ensuing contest was for the older knight. Identifying traits include his height, button nose and dark hair with a cowlick in front that gives him bangs like a young Jason Todd. Main article: Sereg Knight Circle


Matchmaking Knight[edit | edit source]

Gender: Male

Age: approx 21

First Appearance: Chapter 96

An energetic young knight at the Lilias Knight Circle who has three siblings, at least one of whom is a younger sister a couple of years younger than Obi. He tried to set up Obi and this sister for a marriage meeting but Obi turned down the proposal, and the knight's sister was very graceful about the whole thing and apologized to Obi for her brother's forcefulness and forced her brother to apologize as well. He has also tried to get Obi to go to dinners and other meet ups for singles, not understanding that Obi isn't looking for a relationship.


Inn & Restaurant Hostess[edit | edit source]

Gender: Female

Age: 18+

First Appearance: Chapter 100

The cheerful perky hostess at the Inn & Restaurant with a name that starts with a "B" in Lilias where Mitsuhide, Kiki and Obi arrange for Shirayuki and Zen to have a surprise evening together for just the two of them. She wears her hair in an asymmetrical bun and greets her customers with a large smile and upbeat welcome.


Haki's Handmaiden[edit | edit source]

Gender: Female

Age: ?

First Appearance: Chapter 102

Lady Haki Arleon's personal attendant. She is quiet, reserved and polite in formal settings, and has not been seen outside of them. She is good at erasing her presence so as no to intrude on her lady's conversations. She does however bow to hide her smile when Haki teases Prince Zen.

Representative Chapter 107.png

Royal Botany Representative[edit | edit source]

Gender: Female

Age: around 18-21

First Appearance: Chapter 106

The serious petite young woman who reviews the application for Phostyrias to be registered as a separate plant than the poisonous Olin Maris. She is a very earnest rapid talker and quick worker. The researchers in Lirias are surprised by her young age.

Lord Tisua[edit | edit source]

Gender: Male

Age: 20+

First Appearance: (Chapter 67, not pointed out to readers)

A nobleman near Kiki's age who introduced himself to her during the night banquet at Wistal Palace and was later attacked and injured by those hired by Touka Bergatt and the Tohz family. His title indicates that he is the heir and eldest child of the Tisua family, as he is not yet a peer or seigneur in his own right but is already afforded a title as "Lord (surname)", same as Kiki who is heiress to the Seiran lands and afforded the title of "Lady Seiran".

Lord Tohz[edit | edit source]

Gender: Male

Age: 40+

First Appearance: N/A (mentioned and discussed only)

The former head of the Tohz family who conspired with and aided Touka Bergatt's plots to reestablish the Bergatt House's traditional lands and pull power from the royal family back to the Bergatts. He has at least two sons who also participated in the plots, one of whom is a knight that is at least 20 years of age. It is unknown what rank he held in Clarines' peerage system but it is implied to be earl or below (the only confirmed lower rank being viscount), given he acts as subservient to Touka, an earl.

Lord Tohz the Younger[edit | edit source]

Gender: Male

Age: 20+

First Appearance: N/A (mentioned and discussed only)

He was a young knight and the heir of House Tohz who conspired with Touka Bergatt to try and reestablish the Bergatt House's control and power in the north, and personally testified to frame Mitsuhide as being behind the attacks on various young noblemen ensuring Mitsuhide would not be able to protect Prince Zen during the Bergatt's assassination attempt on him.

Sir ___ Sion[edit | edit source]

This young man is a knighted member of the noble Sion family who was considered by many as a potential suitor to Kiki Seiran. He was attacked by sellswords under the direction of Touka Bergatt and Lord Tohz, and it is unknown just how badly he was injured. As his given name is unknown his title cannot be properly utilized.

Sir ___ Valerie[edit | edit source]

This young man is a knighted member of House Valerie who was considered by many as a potential suitor to Kiki Seiran. He was attacked by sellswords under the direction of Touka Bergatt and Lord Tohz, and it is unknown just how badly he was injured. As his given name is unknown his title cannot be properly utilized, and he does not seem to be the eldest of his siblings as he is not afforded the title "Lord Valerie".

Countess Bergatt[edit | edit source]

Gender: Female

Age: unknown

First Appearance: N/A

A type of missing or implied character. Nothing is known about this woman but she can be inferred to exist or to have existed due to the status and comments about her male offspring and husband. As none of the Bergatts are illegitimate it can be inferred that Lord Bergatt was married to Touka, Tsuruba and Tariga's mother. She is never seen nor discussed even in flashbacks to her children's childhoods so her status, appearance and personality are entirely unknown, though she was apparently not a large part of her children's lives.

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