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Clarines (クラリネス王国, kurarinesu oukoku) is a kingdom ruled by Izana Wistaria. It was formerly ruled by Kain Wistaria, who died early in kinghood. Since his sons were too young to rule the kingdom, his queen, Haruto Wistaria, ruled Clarines until Izana Wistaria was old enough to become king.

The kingdom is divided into territories overseen by nobles who inherit lands and titles through bloodlines, though the Lido and Sui territories were taken from their traditional families and given the retainers of the previous heads after those noble proved themselves wasteful and incompetent by prince Izana with a gambit implemented by asking for a castle on their borderline.

It is located on the continent of Fortissia. In the anime it is situated at the west end of the continent, however the map used in that medium contradicts the manga where among other things Sereg is between Wistal and Tanbarun and south of Lilias rather than on an island far to the north as it is situated in the anime.

History[edit | edit source]

Not much is known about the history of Clarines other than its peaceful, long-term relationship with Tanbarun, its east neighbor. Kain Wistaria ruled the kingdom until his death, estimated to be about a decade before the start of the series. This is based on his sons' ages at the time. His widowed wife, Haruto Wistaria, ruled as Dowager Queen until their eldest son Izana Wistaria was old enough to be coronated as King.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Map of Clarines (Anime)

Wistal Palace[edit | edit source]

Wistal is the capital palace of Clarines. It is a large complex overlooking the capitol city which houses the main living quarters of the royal family and their retinues in addition to sprawling gardens, courtyards, a large library and many administrative offices. While it is not a proper castle it does have fortifications including a curtain wall.

Residents include Izana Wistaria, Haki Arleon, Zakura Shidnote and Marquis Haruka. Former residents include Kain Wistaria, Haruto Wistaria, and Zen Wistaria and his retinue of Mitsuhide Rouen, Kiki Seiran, Obi and Shirayuki.

In the anime it is located in the southern part of Clarines, and though it's location is more vague in the manga it is definitely not in the northern part of the kingdom.

Sereg/Selig[edit | edit source]

Selig is the castle at the core of Clarines' knights circles and at which Mitsuhide Rouen, Kiki Seiran, and both of the kingdoms princes learned swordmanship and other fighting skills. It is near the Seiran estate, and while the fortress itself is overseen by the crown the surrounding lands belong to Earl Seiran. The current vice captain is Hisame Lugis.

In the anime it is situated on an island in the remote north of the country while in the manga it is along the route from the border with Tanbarun to Wistal and implied to be in the southern part of the kingdom.

Fort Laxd/Fortress Raxd[edit | edit source]

A countryside fort overseen by Zen Wistaria which houses a number of the kingdom's soldiers including some in training like Shuka.

Koto Town[edit | edit source]

Koto is a small seaside town on an island in the harbor near the capitol named for the mountain it lies at the base of. Mount Koto is a mountain on an island just off shore where medicinally important plants grow and an old estate lies in ruins being overtaken by the forest around it.

Yuris Island[edit | edit source]

Yuris Island is the island where Kihal Toghrul and the birds used as the kingdom's messengers like Popo are from. It is located in the south of Clarines and is part of the lands recently inherited by the arrogant Viscount Blaker.

Wilant[edit | edit source]

Wiliant is in the northern part of the country and is host to the royal castle from which Haruto Wistaria once ruled Clarines. It is the administrative core of northern Clarines and is the place from which the royal family oversees the nobles like the Arleons, Rugilias and Bergatts whose traditional lands include Lilias, Oriold, Codolulu, Harunova, and Liyiru.

Lilias[edit | edit source]

Lilias is a heavily fortified mountain city which sprung up around one of the two major checkpoints on Clarines' northern border. It is overseen by Makiri Arleon and the Academy District was previously overseen by his sister Haki Arleon before she moved to Wistal to prepare for her marriage to Izana Wistaria.

The potentially deadly and obscure plant Olin Maris sprouted in a difficult to access cave in an avalanche chute on the outskirts of the Academy District and a team of botanical researchers overseen by Shidan developed the non-toxic strain Phostyrias in the city. Ryuu, Shirayuki and Obi were transferred to Lilias for the two year duration of the Olin Maris research where they befriended Lata Forzeno, Shidan, Yuzuri, Suzu, Kirito, Izuru, Kazaha and Kirori.

Oriold[edit | edit source]

Oriold is the other major checkpoint along Clarines' northern border. The commander of the Knights Circle there is Kamiragi Kadif and the noble whose lands Oriold resides on is Eisetsu Rugilia.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Clarines is described as a rich and well-developed country.

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