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Episode 3
Shining Time of Promise
 Kanji 約束, 輝くその時に
 Romaji Yakusoku, Kagayaku Sono Toki ni
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 Dubbed January 4,2016

Episode 3 was originally released on July 20, 2015 in Japan. Funimation made an official subtitled version of it available on their official site as well as other popular viewing sites such as Hulu, Crunchyroll, and AnimeLab.

An English dub was released by Funimation on January 4, 2016.

Episode 3 covers the events from Chapter 3 of the manga.


Shirayuki awakes to find she has fallen asleep at her desk again, studying for the court pharmacist exam. She goes to the window and watches the sunrise over her new home, enjoying the breeze and reflecting on her new life there.

Shirayuki arrives at the palace and is greeted by the guards (Kai and Shiira), who recognize her by now. They ask her if she is there to meet with Zen but Shirayuki tells them Mitsuhide and Kiki called for her. Noticing the man in front of her, who had to show a necklace to the guards, she asks them what it was he had to show them. Pulling out his own, Shiira shows her his ID tag that all people need to enter the palace grounds.

Mitsuhide comes to get Shirayuki and leads her towards Zens office. Meanwhile another noble (Lord Haruka) tries to enter Zen's office only to be stopped by the guards. Angry, Lord Haruka asks why he cannot enter only to be informed that Zen is expecting another guest. Looking around, he sees Shirayuki admiring the flowers nearby with Mitsuhide. Having heard rumors, he knows that she claims to be Zen's friend but cannot understand why anyone would invite a town girl into the castle or associate with them. Disgusted, he storms off angrily.

Shirayuki is led up to Zen's office as Mitsuhide explains that Zen is refusing to leave his desk after being scolded by the elders in the castle for his late return the previous day. He id refusing to sleep or eat, working non-stop and they hope that Shirayuki can lure him away from the office for his own good. As they enter, Shirayuki sees Zen in an air of over diligence. Zombie Zen looks up confused to see Shirayuki. Kiki suggests that he go spend time with her before he starts writing her name all over his documents. Unable to argue, afraid to send Shirayuki home, he agrees.

They sit together in a window seat somewhere in the castle but Zen is to tired to hold a conversation with Shirayuki. She offers to sit with him while he rests and he falls asleep almost instantly. Covering him up with a blanket and realizing even as a prince Zen must work hard, she is determined to work hard too. She pulls out a book and begins studying. Kiki wakes Zen much later, after Mitsuhide had sent Shirayuki home. As he sits up he, he finds his hand on an unfamiliar book that must belong to Shirayuki.

Lord Haruka enters the hall, wishing to speak with Zen. He warns him that Shirayuki is only befriending him for her own gain and that he should be more careful about who he invites into the castle. It is bad for his reputation and he will lose the respect of his aides. Not really listening, Zen reads Shirayuki's book while walking along with Haruka. Closing the book he asks him what would make an acceptable guest. He explains that Shirayuki had no expectations of him, and that she will always make her own way to her goals, to which Haruka scoffs.

Leaving the office realizing he will not change the princes mind and convinced it is his duty to rid the castle of this nuisance, Lord Haruka gives the order for a mysterious man (Obi) in the tree to take care of the situation. Outside the castle Shirauyki is looking at a plant, wanting to reference her book, she reaches into her bag only yo realize she has forgotten it. After entering the castle, Shirayuki overhears Obi give an order to the guards presumably from Zen, preventing her entry because Zen has been criticized by his aides. Shocked the guards have no choice but to abide, but mention that Shirayuki has just entered to retrieve a forgotten book.

Realizing that she is already inside, Obi takes off in search of her and Shirayuki flees further into the castle. Thinkning she is unwelcomed, she is terrified when a group of guards stop her in a hall. Having not heard the fake decree, they greet her and apologize for stopping her. Realizing that something is not right, Shirayuki is determined to find Zen because if he wants her to stay away, she needs to hear it from him. She sets off up a tower staircase.

Suddenly an arrow crosses in her path nearly hitting her face. Shocked, she looks at the arrow, which was shot by Obi, and reads the message attached to a ribbon tied to the end. It carries a message telling her not to go any further into the castle, wanting her to stay away from Zen. Refusing to turn back, she tears the arrow from the wall and runs up the stairs. Surprised that she didn't turn back Obi chases after her planning to next attack her with throwing knives but is stopped by Zen running into Shirayuki. Not wanting to worry him, she hides the arrow but Zen sees it.

They sit together in a private room, where she tells Zen about the arrow. Furious that someone attacked her within the castle and tried to lock her out from the palace, Zen broods angrily knowing there is nothing he can do without proof. She admits that she is scared but that she wants to confront the person herself. Zen objects, but realizes he cannot stop her. He warns her that if things get too dangerous, to use his name to stop them. With a struggled look on his face, he apologizes for gaining enemies so easily.

After leaving Zen, Shirayuki stands wondering in a hall who could possibly want her to leave, and how she will be able to find that person. Out of nowhere her worries are settled as Lord Haruka approaches her. Accusing her of breaking into the castle, he demands to know who invited her, expecting her to lean on Zen's status. She vaguely tells him that someone of importance has given her permission to be here and that she can take him with her if he likes. Angry he draws his sword and threatens her.

Unwavering, Shirayuki challenges his sword, refusing to back down. She informs him if he wishes to stop her from visiting her caller, he will have to cut her down. She walks closer and closer and finally, he retracts his swords allowing her to pass him. After passing him she stops and questions his knowledge of the decree claiming to be from prince Zen, but at that time Obi appears claiming it was his idea. Offended, Lord Haruka refuses to let Obi take the credit and confessing that the whole scheme was his doing. At hearing this, Zen comes out from behind a corner where he has been hiding.

He puts Haruka in his place and explains that he feels it is important to keep people like him around, who are obsessed with status just a her finds it important to interact with people like Shirayuki who have no regard for status as it widens his perspectives. Zen warns Lord Haruka to stay out of his business and to remember if he enjoys his status, he should behave in a way that he may keep it. Haruka leavs, and Zen turns to deal with Obi who attacked Shirayuki within the castle walls. Obi promises he won't raise another finger against her but Zen doesn't trust him. He pushes Obi off the balcony, but instead of falling, he flips elegantly and lands on his feet.

Zen orders Kiki and Mitsuhide to keep an eye on him. Kiki escorts Obi away with Mitsuhide in tail. Shirayuki tells Zen her plans to apply to be a court pharmacist admitting that it's the reason she has been studying so hard. Proud to have seen he was right about her wanting to find her own way, he congratulates her. They then watch the sunset over the castle and the flag of Clarines together.

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"What a vulgar color..." —Lord Haruka about Shirayuki's hair.

"Being friends with the prince and all, Shirayuki's so cool, isn't she?" —Kai to Shiira

"Before you start writing "Shirayuki" all over your documents, why don't you spend some time with her?" —Kiki to Zen

"She's not gonna run away from that?" —Obi about Shirayuki and the arrow.

"If it is as you say, and I should not be here, then stop me with your sword." —Shirayuki to Haruka

"You don't have to be so wary. I won't lift another finger against that girl...I mean it! I like her, too." —Obi to Zen about Shirayuki



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