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Episode 5
This Path, the Crystallization of Premonition
 Kanji この道は予感の結晶
 Romaji Kono Michi wa Yokan no Kesshou
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 Dubbed January 8, 2016

Episode 5 was originally released on August 3, 2015 in Japan. Funimation made an official subtitled version of it available on their official site as well as other popular viewing sites such as Hulu, Crunchyroll, and AnimeLab.

An English dub was released by Funimation on January 8, 2016.

Episode 5 covers the events from Chapter 6 & 7 of the manga.


Zen, Mitsuhide and Kiki are on their way by horseback to visit a fort under Zen's jurisdiction that hasn't been sending in status reports. Shirayuki rides with them because she needs to pick up some supplies for Garrack in a nearby town. Unable to take her all the way due to their hurry, they drop her off. Zen warns her not to wander around, mostly because of the cold, but also because her last day trip troubles still hang in his mind.

When the group arrives at Fort Laxdo, no one can be seen and it look abandoned. Mitsuhide calls out, announcing that the royal guard has come to check on the fort. A boy's voice can be heard, and someone inside stumbles their way to the door. As the door bursts open, the boy stumbles out of the fort collapsing to the ground, weak.

They move to him, but he warns them to stay away from the fort. The boy, Shuka, is shocked when Obi falls from the sky, returning to Zen with the news that everyone inside the fort is sleeping. Obi tells Shuka he is one of Zen's aides but Zen corrects him, reminding him it is a trial period. Zen leaves Shuka to enter the fort but once again Shuka warns him, he believes the fort is possessed by an evil spirit causing everyone inside to fall ill. When they enter, they find all the soldiers in pallets in the main hall.

Shuka explains that 20 days earlier everyone began to collapse ill and that the doctor also fell ill. Without any explanation they assumed it must be an evil spirit's doing. Zen tells Shuka to rest and that he will leave if he begins to feel strange. Sending Mitsuhide outside, Zen, Kiki, and Obi go to investigate the rest of the fort. Obi objects initially, saying that the master should always send his attendants to dangerous situations but Mitsuhide laughs and heads outside.

Obi mentions how spooky a real evil spirit would be but Kiki says she would like to fight something like that if it existed.When they arrive at the armory, they find it open and empty. When they return to Mitsuhide, he is shocked to hear the fort has been robbed and they wonder if it is connected to the soldier's illness. Obi offers to hunt the robbers, mentioning it is his specialty which gives Kiki the idea to fetch Shirayuki. Shirayuki could treat the soldiers and find the cause because that is her specialty. Mitsuhide sets off to get her form the town.

Obi and Kiki remain outside while Zen goes back inside. Obi asks Kiki if she thinks Mitsuhide is too soft on Zen, never speaking his opinion. She begins to answer him but sees Mitsuhide and Shirayuki riding over the horizon. When she arrives, Shirauki first attends to Shuka who while still able to move around is in rough shape. He explains that he isn't sure when exactly everyone began to fall ill because he was often outside keeping watch. Shuka also mentions that the doctor ran out of herbs because of the season which confuses Zen.

Shirayuki explains that in cold climates twice as many herbs are necessary to make medicines and with so many ill, the doctor would have run out quickly. Shirayuki tells Zen to leave because it is getting dark and it would be bad if he became ill. Zen refuses, but Shirayuki insists. The argue briefly, but Mitsuhide steps in. He reminds Zen he has to think of his position. Zen apologizes and leaves quickly.

Laying in the snow, Zen cools his head as Mitsuhide reminds him he can rely on Shirayuki. He then begins to tease him about his supposed new dislike for the cold. Obi and Kiki watch from the fort's roof and Obi mentions he was wrong about Mitsuhide. He holds his tongue because Zen always listens to him, not because he is being soft. Kiki agrees telling him Zen only truly listens to Mitsuhide.

Inside, Shirayuki goes over her notes, planning to make medicine with the supplies she bought earlier. Shuka comes to check on her and tells her he is getting around better since she arrived. Shirayuki tries to get up but is struck with paralysis momentarily before she collapses. Looking at her hand through blurred vision she is shocked that she has developed symptoms so quickly and severly. She looks around the room and notices those farthest from the fire are in much better condition than those near it. Realizing the cause she pulls all the wood fro the fire.

Shirayuki bursts through the door to the outside panting and struggling to stand but hauling a large bag. Zen runs to her wondering what has happened and she explains that the cause was the wood in the fires. When burned, it released particles that were detrimental to everyone's health. Relieved to have found the cause, she leans against the doors to relax and Zen notices her hands and arms are burnt.

Forfeiting his attempts to shelter her, Zen admits he gives up and tells her she is "so cool". He then asks her to stay at the fort longer, leaving the soldiers in her care. Excited to prove herself and be trusted with such a large task, she happily accepts.

After a few days, the soldiers are up and moving again, impressing Kiki who mentions Shirayuki's expertise contributed to their swift recovery. Meanwhile Mitsuhide has found information on the bandits that gave the poisonous wood to the fort and stole their weapons. Zen allows Obi to hunt them down. Shuka unloads a large bag of potatos in the kitchen finding Shirayuki cooking something. She offers him the concoction of herbs but he refuses saying he doesn't like bitter things.

Shuka expresses his worry to Shirayuki that Zen and the other may not come back anymore because of the forts many mistake, feeling the fort must be an embarrassment to the prince. He mentions how Zen is very kind to all the soldiers and usually enjoys his visits there. Shirayuki assures him Zen is only thinking of their well being now, not their mistakes. She also says she hopes to see him enjoying his visit here at the fort again in the future.

In her room, Shirayuki continues writing documents of the treatments she has given and the soldiers progress but finds herself exhausted laying her head on the desk. She almost nods off, but Zen comes in spooking her awake. He tells her that some of the soldier have been able to get back to work and as she looks outside she see them from her window shoveling snow. Zen leaves reminding her that he is leaving their health up to her.

Shirayuki begins to head for the door but almost faints, noting that she isn't getting enough sleep. She continues to go prepare the food and medicine. Obi sees her later walking with a large box of documents but struggling to keep her footing. Knowing that Zen doesn't want him to go near her, he wonders from afar if she is alright when she drops the box on her foot. Shirayuki picks it back up, however she once again loses her footing, lightheaded and begins to collapse.

Obi swoops behind her, catching her mid fall and taking the box from her hands. Realizing he went against Zen's orders and that Shirayuki probably remembers him attacking her previously, he mentions how he's really done it now. Shirayuki however, thanks him and doesn't mention anything. Obi asks her as she leaves again with the box if she is ill. Instead of denying it, she tells him not to tell anyone. She wants to finish nursing everyone back to health before worrying about herself.

The soldiers come to Zen, informing him they will be resuming their patrol duties. One of them asks Shuka, who is washing tables, if there is anymore of the medicine Shirayuki made, but Shuka explains Shirayuki always makes it right before each shift wakes up. Zen and Kiki realize that this means Shirayuki is making food and medicine for every 8 hours shift of soldiers. This means she cannot have been sleeping more than a short time for days.

Zen enters Shirayuki's room to find her resting on her hand as she writes more documents. He stops her and asks her sit on the bed.Confused when he asks her to close her eyes for 60 seconds, she asks if he plans to take her pulse but he demands she close her eyes. As he starts counting she quickly closes her eyes. When he reaches only three, she has fallen asleep sitting up. He lays her in the bed and tucks her in, wishing she had just told him she needed sleep. As he closes the door to her room, Obi returns from finding the bandits.

They set out immediately. The bandits mock the small group Zen and the others make noting they cannot call themsleves soldier with such small ranks. They then begin to make comment towards Kiki calling her a gift from the others. Angry Zen cuts them off and lays out a long speech about companionship that confuses the bandits. He then assures them it was not for them to hear. They battle with them, defeating them all and retrieving the missing weapons and armor.

Zen returns to Shirayuki's room, accidentally waking her up. He apologizes for not noticing she wasn't well, but tells her she should have told him. He orders her never to hide something like that from him gain and she agrees apologetically. He explains that just because she is resting, doesn't mean she didn't save the soldier and do a great job treating everyone. He thanks her properly. He takes her hand and kisses it in the moonlight, making her blush. They both tell the other that they are their driving force, and sit together in the dark holding hands.

The next day they set out to return to Wistal Castle. Shuka promises to write to Shirayuki and she happily accepts looking forward to them. All the soldier stand atop the fort's walls yelling and waving tanks to Shirayuki for all her help. The group waves goodbye and sets off home together.

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"This place has been possessed by a fearsome evil spirit!" —Shuka

"Is it all right not to stop him?" —Obi asking Mitsuhide about Zen.

"If there was anything we could do together, then I would do it with you, but that is not the case now!" —Shirayuki urging Zen to leave.

"Now I've done it." —Obi

"This is bad, Kiki. I'm moved." —Mitsuhide

"I'm glad you were here Shirayuki, for the soldiers... and for me." —Zen




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