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 Kanji ユジナ・シェナザード
 Romaji Yujina Shenazādo
 Gender Male
Professional Status
 Occupation Prince of Tanbarun
 Title Second Prince of Tanbarun
Personal Status
 Relatives King Shenazard (Father)
Raji Shenazard (Older Brother)
Rona Shenazard (Older Twin Sister)
 Manga Chapter 21
 Anime Episode 15
 Japanese Voice Mikako Komatsu
 English Voice Megan Shipman

Eugena Shenazard (ユジナ・シェナザード; Yujina Shenazādo) is the Second Prince of Tanbarun. He is Raji's younger brother and Rona's younger twin brother.


Eugena has a short and thin build. He has above the shoulder length, light brown hair which is spiked with bangs. He wears royal and formal clothes which are suitable for his age. He wears a long sleeved top in a robe-like style with a cloak attached to his shoulders and trousers with high boots.


Eugena has a quiet and serious personality. He seems to not be bothered by much and has no interest in his older brother's activities. He seems to be dragged around by his sister and chimes in argument with her suggestions. Eugena prefers to keep out of his sister's drama.


Rona ShenazardEdit

Eugena is the younger twin brother of Rona. They are never seen apart. They usually talk to each other and openly talk about Raji's activities.

Raji ShenazardEdit



"... I am Eugena, the Second Prince of Tanbarun." —To Shirayuki and Obi

Trivia Edit

  • Despite officially being translated in the localized version as "Eugena", the correct transliteration of his name is "Yujina"—which is a common factor for all characters in the series; having a Japanese first name.


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