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Garak Gazelt
 Kanji ガラク・ガゼルド
 Romaji Garaku Gazeruto
 Gender Female
 Age Mid-twenties to early thirties
Professional Status
 Occupation Chief Court Pharmacist
 Title Chief Court Pharmacist of Wistal Castle
Personal Status
 Relatives N/A
 Relationships Shidan (love interest?)
 Friendships Shirayuki (coworker)
Ryuu (coworker)
 Manga Chapter 4
 Anime Episode 4
 Japanese Voice Yūko Kaida
 English Voice Rachel Robinson

Garak Gazelt (ガラク・ガゼルド; Garaku Gazeruto) is the chief court Pharmacist of the Wistal Castle. She is the main pharmacist for the royal family of Clarines.


She has blond hair and deep purple eyes. She wears a pair of long pale red earrings with a darker red stripe near the bottom. Garrack is always seen wearing a white lab coat. She keeps her hair up in a half ponytail bun.


She is rather laid-back, shown when she throws darts at a map just to find a place to collect her medicine. She is rather eccentric and can alternate between humorous and demanding. Despite this, she is extremely talented and cares deeply about Shirayuki and Ryuu.


Garak doesn't usually talk about about her background, but she likes talking about the history of Clarines.

Relationships Edit

Ryuu Edit

Ryuu is Garak's student. She acknowledged Ryuu when he was still very young and as a teacher, she took care of Ryuu and she cares for Ryuu deeply. She looks after Ryuu's well-being as she is concerned about Ryuu's health, growth and his social life. She trusts in Ryuu's ability as a court herbalist and agreed to Izana's decision of sending Ryuu to Lilias so that Ryuu could get more experience and learn to socialize with various types of people.

Shirayuki Edit

Shirayuki was an herbalist put under Ryuu. Although she's Ryuu's apprentice, it is shown that Garak cares about her too. Garak was amused when she first saw how Shirayuki solved the exam given to her. She also gets mad at Shirayuki anytime she acts recklessly, such as during the Olin Maris incident.

Shidan Edit

Shidan is an old friend of Garak who worked with her before. She and Shidan seem to have been arguing with since they met. Shidan said that Garak was cold to him, no matter how close they were. However, despite their arguments, both seem to acknowledge each other's ability, though there seemed to be some rivalry going on between them, especially on Shidan's side. It was shown that when they were young adults, Garak told Shidan that she would be moving to the palace and invited Shidan to come with her. However, due to Shidan's strong resolve, he refused, saying that he would never be able to surpass her if he came along.

After separating, Shidan worked at Lilias while Garak worked at the palace. There were rumours that they were either lovers, engaged or Shidan was Garak's disciple, which persisted even after time had passed. Shidan once attempted to kiss Garak when she was asleep when they were younger, but refrained.

Obi Edit

Obi and Garak became friends (though more likely drinking partners) since Obi always hanging out at the pharmacy as Shirayuki's bodyguard. They usually drink together since they both have a high tolerance for alcohol.


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"I am the chief herbalist at Wistal Castle, Garak" —To court herbalists exam applicants.
"We officially accept you as an apprentice court herbalist." —To Shirayuki
"With a single word, your friend could be accepted unconditionally as a court herbalist. You can try that if you want." —To Zen about Shirayuki
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