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 Kanji ハキ
 Romaji Haki
 Gender Female
 Hair Color Blonde
 Eye Color Brown
Professional Status
 Affiliation Lyrias academy
 Occupation Head of the Lyrias Academy District
Personal Status
 Relatives Makiri (Brother)
Zen Wistaria (Future-Brother-In-Law)
Haruto Wistaria (Future-Mother-In-Law)
 Relationships Izana Wistaria (Fiancé)
 Friendships Shirayuki
 Manga Chapter 34

Haki Arleon (ハキ) is the head of the Lyrias academy district and the sister to Makiri and the fiancee to Izana.


Haki is a female in her twenties with fair skin. She is of above average height for a female, as she is about the same height as Zen. She has long light-colored hair, that she keeps in a low bun at the back of the head, with two strands of hair from behind each ear connecting with it, while two other shoulder-length strands framing her face along her bangs.

In Lyrias she wears an outfit consisting of light-colored sweater crossed by fur, which is fixated in the middle section of the upper chest, over a long dress. During Izana's coronation she is seen wearing a long dress, covered by some light-colored robes.


Haki usually is seen as calm and collected, although she has a noticeable sense of humor when she laughs at the confrontation between her brother, Makiri, and Izana.


Her history is largely unknown but at some point in time she became Izana's fiancée.


Izana Wistaria Edit

Izana Wistaria is Haki’s fiancé. Unlike Shirayuki and Zen’s displays of affection to each other, Izana and Haki have not shown anything similar when they are together. During the Lyrias lockdown, Izana has shown displays of concern for Haki by glancing back after talking with Makiri, Haki’s brother about the decision to lock down Lyrias and once again on horseback looking back at the location where Haki was. After the crowning ceremony, Haki approached King Izana suggesting he should cut his hair similar to Zen’s as one will be able to see the expression of his eyes. However, Izana asked her if that’s a fetish of hers which she denies. Izana then tells Haki it’s more convenient if his eyes can’t be seen that well and won’t be cutting it so she needs to get used to it.