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Haki Arleon
 Kanji ハキ・アールリオン
 Romaji Haki Ārurion
 Gender Female
 Hair Color Blonde
 Eye Color Blue
Professional Status
 Affiliation Lilias academy
 Occupation Head of the Lilias Academy District
 Title Head of the Lilias Academy District
Personal Status
 Relatives Makiri Arleon (Brother)
Zen Wistaria (Future-Brother-In-Law)
Haruto Wistaria (Future-Mother-In-Law)
 Relationships Izana Wistaria (Fiancé)
 Friendships Shidan
 Manga Chapter 34

Haki Arleon (ハキ・アールリオン; Haki Ārurion) is the head of the Lilias academy district. She is Makiri Arleon's sister and the fiancée to Izana Wistaria.


Haki is a gorgeous female in her twenties with fair skin. She is of above-average height for a female, as she is about the same height as Zen. She has long light- blonde hair, that she keeps in a low bun at the back of the head, with two strands of hair from behind each ear connecting with it, while two other shoulder-length strands framing her face along with her bangs.

In Lilias, she wears an outfit consisting of a light-colored sweater crossed by fur, which is fixated in the middle section of the upper chest over a long dress. During Izana's coronation, she is seen wearing a long dress, covered by some light-colored robes.


Haki usually is seen as calm and collected, although she has a noticeable sense of humor when she laughs at the confrontation between her brother, Makiri, and Izana.


Haki must have known both Izana and Zen from a young age, given her familiarity around them. She attended a banquet once during her adolescent years, where Izana gave her flowers, seeing her sleepy. After she inquired about the flower, Izana confessed he didn't know, but a young Zen answered that he had seen those flowers on palace grounds. At Izana's request, Zen gave her a tour of the gardens, the pair later caught a cold and neither remember it. Izana did take the flowers from Haki, saying he wanted to study them. It might be because of that cold Haki confused Izana with Zen. Izana doesn't remember the banquet, but he recalled Haki and Zen being ill. After she had mentioned it to Zen, he sent flowers to her next day, much to Haki's delight and Izana's amusement. She wondered whether there was someone whom Zen wanted to give flowers as well, to which Izana replies that there is someone, and that person would guess which those flowers are in a single glance, indicating Shirayuki.

Adolescent Haki Chapter 111.5

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Makiri Arleon Edit

Haki loves her brother a lot. It seems that she is the mischievous one of the pair.

Izana Wistaria Edit

Izana Wistaria is Haki’s fiancé. Unlike Shirayuki and Zen’s displays of affection to each other, Izana and Haki have not shown anything similar when they are together. During the Lilias lockdown, Izana has shown displays of concern for Haki by glancing back after talking with Makiri, Haki’s brother, about the decision to lock down Lilias and once again on horseback looking back at the location where Haki was. After the crowning ceremony, Haki approached King Izana, suggesting he should cut his hair similar to Zen’s as one will be able to see the expression of his eyes. However, Izana asked her if that’s a fetish of hers, which she denies. Izana then tells Haki it’s more convenient if his eyes can’t be seen that well and won’t be cutting it, so she needs to get used to it. Haki also seems to continue living in the Wistal castle after Izana’s coronation. When Zen encounters her, she informs him that Izana left the room early in the morning. Zen then asks her if she has business with him and, if so, to go ahead of him. But Haki tells him not to worry about it. Zen then seems to realize that Haki would only know that he left the room if she met him before. It is implied (but not confirmed anywhere) that Haki and Izana share a room. There is a show of affection between the pair, which could imply that they actually are lovers

Zen Wistaria Edit

Zen and Haki do not have many encounters, though Zen is her future brother-in-law. When Zen comes back from Lilias to Wistal, he stumbles upon her. They converse, and Haki tells him that he has grown into a splendid young gentleman. She also says how, when he was younger, he always gave her flowers and said that the flowers would be happier if she was holding them. Zen claims he has no memory of it and asks was it really him. Haki says certainly, that she has the feeling it was him, but starts to look unsure. It could have been implied here that it was actually Izana, as Zen and Izana look similar, but Haki does not realize it.

Manga Appearances Edit

  • Chapter 34
  • Chapter 36
  • Chapter 40
  • Chapter 50
  • Chapter 102
  • Chapter 107 (mentioned)
  • Chapter 11.5


"Excuse me, everyone, but can I have a bit of your time? I am Haki. As the Head of Academy District, I have come to thank you. Although I cannot say that I did much as the Head, I wanted to meet all of you who had come to Lilias. I especially wanted to meet Miss Shirayuki; I apologize for having pushed so much onto you. Your position in front of that younger brother and His Highness Izana is a little difficult . . . ? No, troublesome . . . ? Rather, more annoying . . . ? That's not the right way to put it. Well then, I hope you come to Lilias again."

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  • Haki has a playful side to her, which is seen when she laughs during Makiri and Izana's confrontation, a point that unlike Izana and Zen here, the younger sibling likes to pull leg. She also blithely commented on Shirayuki's relationship with Zen and Izana, muttering that both brothers are simply childish.

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