Marques Haruka
 Kanji ハルカ侯爵
 Romaji Haruka-kōshaku
 Gender Male
Professional Status
 Title Lord/Duke
 Manga Chapter 3
 Anime Episode 3
 Japanese Voice Tomoyuki Shimura
 English Voice Christopher R. Sabat

Haruka (ハルカ; Haruka) holds a court rank outside of his status as Marquis that he values highly, and while it is not mentioned what rank he holds his actions and duties imply he is Master of Ceremony.


Lord Haruka has blond hair and a goatee. He is always seen wearing formal attire.


Lord Haruka holds a position of authority in the palace court and feels that it is duty to see to matters that threaten the authority of Prince Zen. He acts with the best intentions to help Zen’s reputation by hiring an assassin, Obi, to drive Shirayuki from the castle.

He has a strange sense of justice, admitting to hiring Obi to drive Shirayuki away for the sake of Zen, rather than allowing for Obi to take the blame.

As the manga progresses, he shows a gentler side, giving encouragement and advice to Shirayuki in her desire to stand by Zen.


Lord Haruka is initially averse to the relationship shared by Prince Zen and Shirayuki due to her lack of status. He advises Zen that he should stop meeting with Shirayuki so that people will not think poorly of him associating with someone of no rank that may simply be using him. When Zen refuses, Lord Haruka orders Obi to drive Shirayuki away from the castle and prevent her returning.

He comes to understand that Shirayuki is a bold a person with her own power and determination, even without status. He comes to value her by Zen’s side as he watches her achievements and reputation slowly build up.

Whilst he does not openly express complete acceptance of Shirayuki, he gives her advice after she moves into the castle under Zen’s name in the East Wing to improve her standing and make sure other people see it.



Izana and Lord Haruka are on good terms. Lord Haruka is often reporting to Izana regarding Shirayuki and Zen’s relationship, notably about the incident in the trial regarding the use of Yuri Islands native birds for communication.


Lord Haruka holds the utmost respect for Zen and has only his best interest in mind, however it is stated that he has a round-about way of showing it.


They begin with a strained relationship, though it gradually becomes more friendly as Shirayuki continues to prove that she will stand by Zen’s side without hindering his path in life.


"If you want to declare your position beside his highness, then you can’t expect to do so where you’re at. Those who never get to see it won’t even know about it." — To Shirayuki


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