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Anime - Manga


 Kanji ヒガタ
 Romaji Higata
 Nickname Classmate-boy (by Zen)
 Gender Male
 Hair Color Light Brown
Professional Status
 Affiliation Wistal Palace
 Occupation Royal Court Pharmacist
 Title Royal Court Pharmacist
Personal Status
 Status Commoner
 Relationships Garak Gazelt (boss, mentor)
 Friendships Shirayuki (coworker)
Yatsufusa (mentor/coworker)
 Equipment Royal Pharmacist Uniform
Court ID
 Manga Chapter 5
 Anime Episode 3
 Japanese Voice Yusuke Handa

Higata (ヒガタ) is the only other Royal Pharmacist Applicant who passed during the same testing period as Shirayuki.

Appearance Edit

Higata is a thin young man with light brown hair, which has a cowlick that causes him to have a gravity defying spike pointed upwards at all times. His left ear is often drawn as more rounded and slightly smaller than his more angular right ear, but the differences are minimal. He has very thin eyebrows and a narrow nose. He usually wears a dark colored turtleneck underneath whatever else he is wearing, possibly hoping disguise that his neck is a bit longer than average.

Personality Edit

Higata is a friendly easily stressed fellow, who can be relaxed and easy going among his peers but tends to become a nervous wreck when faced with his boss and with nobles, especially royalty. He slowly gets a bit better about this, especially in connection with his work superiors, but is still much more concerned with proper etiquette and distance when it comes to social interactions with royalty and nobility than the other Royal Pharmacists. Unfortunately he tends to become clumsy when surprised with stress, which has led to him dropping things and occasionally hurting himself while nervous.

Relationships Edit


Shirayuki is one of Higata's coworkers. They both took the entrance exam to become royal pharmacists at the same time and were the only two from that batch of applicants to pass.

Garak GazeltEdit

Garak Gazelt is the Head Pharmacist of the Royal Pharmacy of Clarines and Higata's boss. During his internship she was his mentor. While Higata initially did her bidding without question no matter how uneasy it made him she wore him down to the point that he will now order her to do her own work and loudly remind her of what responsibilities she's currently trying to shirk. He is also cautious about just doing whatever she tells him as he is now wise to her pranking ways. He still tends to do what she's requested of him, he just questions her motives first. He still respects her and admires her, but has had to learn to adapt the way he interacts with her in order to survive at work.


Ryuu is one of Higata's coworkers and while their relationship isn't close Higata is impressed by Ryuu's knowledge and accomplishments and will defer to the boy's expertise.


Yatsufusa seems to be Higata's most interested mentor, and eventual friend, at the Royal Pharmacy. They commiserate together over the Head pharmacist's flighty behavior, pranks and tendency to dump her paperwork on them.


Higata is intimidated by Prince Zen, though Zen sees Higata as someone he can be familiar with due to Higata's friendship with Shirayuki. Zen is also amused by just how visibly unsettled he becomes when Zen manages to surprise Higata with his presence.

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