Kanji イヅル
 Gender Female
Professional Status
 Affiliation Lilias
 Occupation Assistant Pharmacist
Pharmacology Student
 Manga Chapter 60

Izuru (イヅル; Izuru) is Shidan's assistant.


She's got long, dark hair with bangs swept to the left side of her face and dark eyes.


Izuru is taciturn and shows emotions only in small movements. Even when annoyed or excited her expressions change only by minuscule amounts. She is competitive and can hold quiet grudges against those who have annoyed her in the past. While she will quickly offer to help those in need should they come to her attention she doesn't seek them out.


Izuru started studying pharmacology when she was young in her hometown where she developed a rivalry with fellow aspiring pharmacist Kazaha. She was eventually accepted to study at the Pharmacological Institute in Lilias where she became the assistant to the head of the Institute Shidan.

She was part of the core group of botanical researchers who worked on creating a non-toxic but still luminous strain of Olin Maris.


She and Kazaha have a competitive relationship and she is frequently annoyed with him. She is also the most likely person to stop him when he's being annoying or strange with newcomers.


Trivia Edit

  • Her and Kazaha come from the same hometown.
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