Kanji 鹿月
 Romaji Kazuki
Professional Status

Kazuki (鹿月; Kazuki) is a young boy and currently a part of The Mountain's Lions. He is formerly part of The Sea's Talon crew before he was traded to nobility due to his attractive features. He plots to kidnap Shirayuki and bring her to The Mountain's Lions after hearing that she was targeted by Prince Raji Shenazard to become his concubine.



Kazuki's concept art for the anime.

Kazuki is a young boy with long blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail. He has golden eyes and a blue faded tunic with blue-gray pants and a white shawl. When we first meet Kazuki, he is quite short compared to Shirayuki, however he catches up in height with her by the time he visits her in Lyrias with Mihaya.

While he's in Lyrias he's seen wearing clothes that are more formal and suited for cold weather. These clothes consists of: a dark colored embellished jacket that's fastened by one button, a black muffler that's also embellished, a light colored tunic underneath the jacket, white pants, and a pair of black boots.


Kazuki is a young boy with a kind heart and deep sense of empathy, and kindly values those close to him. He has a hatred for nobility after having been sold to nobility by The Sea's Talon to serve as a beauty and a decoration. This hatred eventually softens after meeting Zen who sought to rescue Shirayuki, however he still maintains some dislike for nobility.


Kazuki was working with The Sea's Talon on their ship for some time to get on good terms with them, though was eventually sold into nobility to serve as a decoration. After some time, he was rescued by The Mountain's Lions and soon learned that their chief, Mukaze, was currently looking for his daughter, Shirayuki, who had fled the country after being targeted by Prince Raji Shenazard to be his concubine due to her red hair. Feeling empathy for Shirayuki and indebted to Mukaze, he went searching to reunite the father and daughter.

Beginning his search on a ship bound for Clarines, a fellow sailor on the ship confirms that he had seen a girl with red hair and had idly chat with her at the port. He then meets Mihaya on board the same boat and learns that she is currently in Wistal Palace. During his time in Clarines, he is unable to find her and so eventually boards a ship to return to Tanbarun. He is stopped on board by Mihaya feeling opportunistic about catching him for a reward from Prince Zen Wistaria, however, is scared off when Itoya appears to tell Kazuki that she is now in the castle at Tanbarun.

Kazuki and Itoya, unaware of Shirayuki's purpose in the Tanbarun castle, infiltrate the castle on the night of the banquet, fight off Obi and kidnap Shirayuki from her room by brute force. During their escape up the mountain as they stop for a break, Shirayuki is kidnapped again along with Kazuki by The Sea's Talon and held hostage on their ship.

Kazuki and Shirayuki both work together to try to escape the ship, however, they fail and Kazuki is punished. Umihebi tortures Kazuki with beatings and plunges him into the water to extract a confession as to why The Mountain's Lions are looking for Shirayuki. Kazuki holds his tongue, aware that should he reveal that Shirayuki is the daughter of the chief, Mukaze, it would likely spell grave danger for her if Umihebi were to use her to lure out The Mountain's Lions. Whilst they are on board, they are joined by Kiki Seiran who has come undercover as a peasant to comfort Shirayuki and help lead Zen Wistaria and Popo ( the bird ) to their current location using a walnut stone bell.

Upon reaching The Sea's Talons secret base, their ship is destroyed by Prince Raji Shenazard to prevent their escape by sea whilst Prince Zen Wistaria and the Mountain's Lions have infiltrated the secret base to prevent their escape through the land. Kazuki and Shirayuki are taken away by Prince Zen to safety, however, upon hearing that Mukaze is currently engaged in battle, Kazuki breaks away from the two to fight alongside him.

Following the fight with The Sea's Talon, Kazuki gives Mukaze and encouraging push to get him to talk to his daughter, Shirayuki, who he had not seen since she was a small child. Shirayuki recognizes him as her father and they all return together to their village where Kazuki asks Shirayuki to stay with them in the village, to which she quickly and politely declines.

Kazuki maintains his friendship with Shirayuki as she continues to live in Clarines by exchanging letters and even goes to visit her in Lyrias after she is transferred there for training.



Kazuki and Shirayuki maintain a friendship following her kidnapping ordeal in Tanbarun by exchanging letters. During Shirayuki's transfer from Wistal Palace to Lyrias, Kazuki visits her with Mihaya in tow and they all have lunch together with Obi.


Kazuki states that he neither likes nor dislikes Zen. He is appreciative that Zen defied Kazuki's mental stereotype of nobility and worked with The Mountain's Lions to rescue him and Shirayuki.


Itoya is a member of The Mountain's Lions and takes on the role of looking after Kazuki and being his partner on jobs. Itoya shows great concern for Kazuki and his plight for freedom and desire to free Shirayuki from the chains that prevent her freedom.


Kazuki initially felt indebted to Mukaze for saving him from a life as a noble's decoration and affectionately refers to him as "Pops" or "Old man". His feelings of indebtedness and learning about his life helped to guide him to try and reunite Mukaze and Shirayuki. Kazuki is fond of Mukaze and enjoys recounting his stories to others, including Shirayuki.


Kazuki is appreciative of Mihaya's help in the capture of The Sea's Talon and rescuing both Shirayuki and himself. The pair later work together on jobs to make money and even visit Shirayuki in Lyrias after she is transferred there.


"Isn't that standard practice, though? Kidnapping a princess guarded by a knight." —To Mihaya.
"We can finally go home. You just have to wait a little longer. I'm taking you to where you truly belong." —To Shirayuki
"I told you, I'm not a part of your crew anymore." —To Umihebi
"You should tread more carefully, pirate. Remember, on land you're nothing." — To Umihebi
"I was so surprised when I heard she left the castle. It's great to see that she's still well. I'm glad I went." — To Mihaya (talking about Shirayuki)