Kanji キハル・トグリル
 Romaji Kiharu Toguriru
Professional Status

Kihal Togrul (キハル・トグリル; Kiharu Toguriru) is the daughter of the Chief on Yuri Island. She visits the Wistal Castle to have a meeting with the Second Prince Zen Wistaria in a bid to stop Viscount Blaker hunting the island’s native birds.


Kihal has turquoise eyes and long black hair parted down the middle with a silver hairpin on each side resembling a butterfly's wing.

She wears shorts, a white shirt and a short cape with a hood. She also wears brown boots and a black band around her right leg.


She is an outspoken personality with a sense of righteousness seen in her desire to protect the native birds of her island.

She has a deep hatred for nobility believing that they look down and belittle the common people. This hatred seems to stem from Viscount Blaker and his men’s treatment of both the birds and people on her island.

She is shown to be anxious about the thought of being in the presence of the Second Prince due to her belief that the Second Prince will do nothing but laugh at her troubles on the island.



Popo is her friend that she takes everywhere with her and even to the castle to meet the Second Prince to save the native birds. Popo helps Kihal in showing the usefulness of the birds in a test to consider the birds as an official means of communication in the Kingdom of Clarines.


Shirayuki became someone that Kihal immediately relied on to vent her feelings about her hatred and insecurities regarding nobility. She requests for Shirayuki to hold the bell for the test for the birds to be considered an official means of communication in the Kingdom of Clarines. She later gives Shirayuki her own bell.


"People of high ranks never treat people of no rank in equal standards." — to Shirayuki

"You! Who was the person who I met outside yesterday?! " — to Obi

"If you trust that Prince Zen, I want to work with you and try believing in that!" — to Shirayuki