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Kiki Colored

 Kanji 木々・セイラン
 Romaji Kiki Seiran
 Gender Female
 Age 20
 Height 165 cm (5'5")
 Weight 57 kg (125lbs)
Professional Status
 Occupation Aide to the Second Prince of Clarines
Personal Status
 Relatives Earl Seiran (Father)
 Relationships Mitsuhide Rouen (Partner)
Hisame Lugis (Fiancé)
 Friendships Zen Wistaria
 Manga Chapter 1
 Anime Episode 1
 Japanese Voice Kaori Nazuka
 English Voice Jamie Marchi

Kiki Seiran (木々・セイラン; Kiki Seiran) is a main character and a female protagonist, who is also one of Zen's close aides and Mitsuhide's partner. She has a quiet and serious personality. She was the second aide that was assigned to Zen, after Mitsuhide. She is currently engaged to Hisame Lugis.



Kiki's concept art for the anime.

She has mid-length blond hair, which she normally ties into a low ponytail, and indigo eyes. She is of average height.

When she was younger, before she had met Zen and Mitsuhide, she had her hair cut into a short bob just below her chin. At that time she was mistaken to be a man by Mitsuhide.

She wears smart and formal clothes, nothing revealing. She usually wears formally royal attire. She wears a sleeveless black top as an undergarment and black leggings. On top of them she wears a purple outer with Chinese styled collar, the outer has many gold embellishments. The middle part and the collar are darker, while the bottom part was splitted into 2 parts. There are 3 flaps of fabrics on the outer, and an attachment which held her sword. She wears long purple boots with gold embellishments. She wears a pair of metal protector on both of her hands.

Her sword's scabbard is dark blue, while the locket and chape are silver. The hilt is covered by bandages and there's an aquamarine colored jewel/stone on top of it.

She was seen wearing a dress twice, in a ball when they ( Kiki, Mitsuhide and Zen ) were younger and in a marriage interview with Zen.

When she was 'captured' she was dressed as a poorer lady, wearing a knitted top and a shirt with her hair down. Later on in the series, she cuts her hair short again, reminiscent of when she first started out as Zen's aide.

In the anime, her hair is a lighter shade of yellow and her eyes are dark blue.


Kiki has a very stoic personality, which as noted by her father is just like her mother's. She rarely shows any other expression other than a disinterested one, and is an excellent swordsman. Only when she is in the presence of Zen, Mitsuhide or Shirayuki is when she opens up more. She is seen joking with them and smiling. When she first met Zen and Mitsuhide she was very closed off. She kept in her own business and was anti-social. Over the years of being together, she has opened up to them. She's also very stubborn about getting married, as her father has tried multiple times to set her up with someone, although she does admit later on that she plans to propose to Mitsuhide when the time comes.


Kiki has been Zen's aide for 5 years before they met Shirayuki. She is also the heir to being the head of the Seiran family, one of the oldest [noble] families in the Clarines Kingdom.


"He's the real thing, right buddy?" —Kiki regarding Zen, to Sakaki

"I don’t mind. Even if it was to the point where I was referred to as male, and even invited to go take a bath together." —Kiki speaking to Mitsuhide

"I thank you for your easily ignored and absolutely undesirable thoughts." —Kiki replying to Obi's comment about her hair being cut short.

"You should go with her, before you start writing "Shirayuki" all over your papers." —Kiki replying to Zen, after he formally disagrees to spend time with Shirayuki.


Kiki Ep05

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