Earl SeiranEdit

Earl Seiran is Kiki's father and head of the Seiran family. He is always looking for a marriage partner for her, describing it's his duty as the head to set her up with someone. He tends to have many arguments with Kiki, because of their contrasting personalities, but they seem to have a good relationship. He likes to be called Dad, but Kiki always refuses, calling him father instead. Count Lugis is an acquaintance of his. He exclaims Kiki's cold voice is just like her Mother's.

Countess SeiranEdit

Countess Seiran is Kiki's deceased mother. She was dead before Kiki turned five and has been implied to have died in childbirth. Despite her absence from her daughter's life her daughter is said to have developed a personality and way of speaking which evoke memories of the departed countess.

Close FriendsEdit

Mitsuhide RouenEdit

He works alongside her as Zen's other close aide. Like everyone else, she makes fun of him a lot, usually in a deadpan voice. Torou once thought that they were together, but Kiki casually denies this and says that he's free for the night. Later, he becomes angry that she'll be leaving the castle soon, as she kept the deal with her father on having a limited time to serve Prince Zen as a secret from him. They first met at a ball, when he ran outside to escape the crowd and exclaimed out loud that he did not do well with balls, Kiki was already hiding there and called him by name. When he inquired how she knew his name and asked for hers, she told him that she would tell him her name when the time arose. This is because she wanted him to see her as a proper swordsman. The second time they met, he mistook her for a guy and eventually invited her to take a bath with him and the other Sereg Knight Circle trainees and stay the night. When asked what she is going to do as the only heir of an Earl house who needs to get married and try for children she mentions that she would be one to propose to Mitsuhide if needed, stating that she has feelings for him, though decides not to show it. Although Kiki does not show jealousy when he flirts with other girls (or they flirt with him) she did once portray an angry face in volume 6, Chapter 41, page 8 when he acted out a compliment to Shirayuki.

Zen WistariaEdit

As one of the two aides to the second prince, Kiki is extremely close to him, and, along with Mitsuhide,  accompanies him to almost everywhere he goes. A lot of times, she keeps Zen in check. Her relationship with Zen is not as close as Mitsuhide’s is; however she does share loyalty towards him. She, like many others, follows Zen because of other reasons besides his status which Zen is fully aware of and appreciates. She can act in an uncaring manner towards Mitsuhide at the time but she cares for him as well, even going as far as thanking him for his concern when she was 'captured'.


Being the only other girl in the main group, Kiki is good friends with Shirayuki. Since they had first met, they have been friendly with each other. They have taken a bath together and normally talk about Zen.


She's probably the one who likes Obi the least, especially when he first appears. She had a hostile attitude toward him when he first officially became Zen's messenger, and wouldn't leave Shirayuki alone with him if it were up to her. However as the story has progressed she trusts him to be a body guard of Shirayuki and Zen's messenger without doubt and often rejects his teasing methods towards her.


Hisame LugisEdit

He's Count Lugis' second son, and pertaining the desire to raise his social status, he proposed to Kiki, wanting to be the head of the Seiran family. He decided when he was eleven that he would marry Kiki. He stalks Kiki when she first starts visiting Zen, because he is curious why her father refused the proposal. He challenges Kiki to a two on two duel in order to become her fiance, but he fails in the end, Kiki with Mitsuhide by her side defeating him and his partner and doesn't get to rise in nobility like he wished, this happened roughly five years ago. He is currently Kiki's fiance.

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