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Kirito Ryuu volume 11
 Kanji キリト
 Nickname "Kiri" "Little Kiri"
 Gender Male
 Age 12-14
 Hair Color Light Brown/Dirty Blond
 Eye Color Blue
Professional Status
 Affiliation Lilias
 Occupation Messenger
Personal Status
 Relatives Shidan (Uncle)
 Friendships Ryuu
 Manga Chapter 34

Kirito (キリト; Kirito) is a boy around Ryuu's age, he is the nephew of Shidan. Kirito helped in the search for a cure during the disease outbreak in Lilias after his friends begin to fall ill. He befriends Ryuu and is occasionally bewildered by Ryuu's emotionless and mature behavior.


Kirito is a boy around Ryuu's age. He has light brown/dirty blond hair. At first he is pretty short compared to the others. But during the court pharmacists' second trip to Lilias, he was almost as tall as Shirayuki.


Kirito is a young boy and acts like it. He likes to play with his friends and often times calls Ryuu to play with him, however he can also be serious when the time calls for it. He is often shocked at how serious and aloof Ryuu can be and tries to help him loosen up a bit and act more his age.

At twelve years old Kirito was confrontational and distrustful, especially of adults, but through his friendship with Ryuu and meeting Shirayuki, Suzu, Yuzuri, Obi and Lata he learned to be more approachable and became better able to trust, or at least listen to, his elders and take them as individuals.


Not much is known about Kirito's past but his guardian seems to be his uncle Shidan. There has yet to be a single mention about his parents so it's possible that something has happened to them.





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