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Lilias (リリアス; Ririasu, originally unofficially translated as Lyrias) is a heavily fortified northern mountain city in the kingdom of Clarines.

History Edit

Lilias is a city situated in a mountain pass which acts as one of the two major checkpoints in northern Clarines, the other being Oriold to the west. The town also hosts the kingdom's most famous research facilities and scholars from all over Clarines and beyond work and/or train there. The city is overseen by the Arleon family, Makiri Arleon in particular, and is part of the Wirant administrative district.

The city started as a campsite where lone travelers, merchants, and caravans would set up tents once passing through the checkpoint before developing into a permanent city. At some point the exotic and potentially deadly seeds of the dazzling rare Olin Maris plant ended up in an avalanche chute just outside the Academy District which caused the city to need to shut down when multiple children, researchers and soldiers started falling ill with an unrecognizable malady which Ryuu was able to identify.


The architecture of Lilias is as eclectic and varied as the scholars who make their home there, reflecting the history of the place as a stopping point for travelers and merchants from all over who were making their way into Clarines. The Academy District is full of large mostly stone buildings that are designed to house scholars and extensive libraries from all over the world, while Pavilion Street has a few two story buildings like the bathhouse and many squat one story structures and even smaller food and drink stalls, some of which are temporary structures. The city walls and defensive towers dominate the landscape and in several places buildings are built right into or up to the walls themselves. Flat rooftops are avoided in order to prevent roofs from collapsing under the heavy snow in the region.

Walls of Lilias Edit

Chapter 95 cover

One of the city gates.

There are a series of walls and gatehouses surrounding and dividing Lilias. The outer gates are normally kept open as the city is a gateway, however late at night some districts like the scholar's district are closed for ease of keeping track of people moving through the city at night without having to keep a full regiment on duty twenty four hours a day.

The wall walks on the defensive walls tend to be entirely enclosed and roofed or very exposed, especially on the inner walls, and the battlements are usually very non-functional with merlons that don't even reach the defender's chests and crenels less than a foot shorter than them, coming up to about the defender's waists. As merlon is intended to give defenders cover from attackers it should hide them entirely from those on the ground and those at Lilias leave the defenders behind them exposed from the bottom of the rib cage up. A crenel is intended to be used to loose arrows and other projectiles through and should be low enough to be out of the way of such projectiles. The city has many gates and gatehouses which create multiple weak points but are stacked and angled in relation to each other so as to offset this weakness by creating traps for attackers. Some smaller connecting walls with gates that close by portcullis are not even wide enough for a proper wall walk, instead being designed to create tempting choke points and traps between themselves and the better fortified walls and large gatehouses beyond them. The walls' defensive towers are of differing style with at least one butter-churn tower on an asymmetrical gatehouse that has a spire topped enclosed tower to the other side.

In the Pavilion District there are numerous temporary structures which act as stalls for hot street food, and during the winter a pseudo campsite of picturesque lighted tents filled with pillows is set up in the district to hearken back to the city's origins.

Products Edit

Trio in Earmuffs

Shirayuki, Zen and Obi wearing distinct Lilias style earmuffs.

While Lilias is mostly a place through which products pass on their way through the kingdom there are a number of items that are distinctly of Lilias make, one of the most easily recognizable being the separated earmuffs sold in the Pavilion district, especially the pointed ones reminiscent of cat or fox ears.

Places Edit

Academy District Edit

Pavilion Street Edit

  • Bath House
  • Food Stalls
  • Luxury Inn
  • Lighted Winter Tents

Knight's Circle Garrison Edit

  • Mess Hall
  • Barracks
  • Training Yard

Residents Edit


Ryuu, Suzu and Yuzuri at the Pharmacy Institute.

Haki Arleon (formerly)

Makiri Arleon

Lata Forzeno







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