The Lilias Knight Circle is one of Clarines' Knight Circles, orders of knights which oversee the standing army and trade routes of Clarines. As the kingdom is at peace and the Knight Circles are responsible for the roads throughout it the Lilias Circle's position at a major checkpoint remains effective as they watch over goods and people moving through. Unlike some other garrisons which are known to be entirely male it is never stated whether or not the Lilias Circle includes any female knights or soldiers, though given that at times one of their tasks is searching suspicious travelers it would make sense for some of them to be ladies and several background members of the circle are androgynous on the feminine side, as their full uniform could easily disguise all but the most curvaceous female forms.


The Knight Circle is older than the city in which in resides, as the city sprung up around the knight guarded checkpoint in Wilant.



Two Officers in winter uniform

The uniform of a on duty guard is a layered bulky item, with the outer layer consisting of a cape and cloth covered open face short brimmed pot helm with attached neck flap of heavy cloth on the back. Pants are worn loose to the knees and tucked into boots. Unlike most other Knight Circles the badge of the garrison is not worn prominently on the uniform, except in the case of officers, nor is it plastered all over the walls as instead the coat of arms of Lilias is prominently displayed with the Knight Circle's' badge mostly seen inside their own courtyards and buildings, though is is carved in the walls framing gates which exit the city. There are variations on the uniform for indicating rank and the different seasons as Lilias has a very harsh and long winter. The officers' uniform includes the badge of the knight circle on their cowl neck scarf, a bronzed decorative circlet with an orange tassel in back atop the navy cloth covering their helmets, switches out the light cape for a dark navy one, and makes the often optional breastplate mandatory. Long term visiting Knights from other knight circles are not required to wear the uniform except if they go on duty as guards, which allows Obi to dress as he likes at most times while being temporarily stationed in Lilias.

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Training uniform with unrelated mask and helm. (Chapter 99)

Ch99 Lilias Knights

A group of Lilias Circle knights receiving instruction at morning sword practice (Chapter 99)

For sword practice the cape is not used allowing the spaulders attached to the dark undershirt to show. During training a breastplate is worn that is an optional uniform piece during most other times. A light colored cowl neck scarf is also worn during colder weather.


Lilias Knight Commander

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"Doctor Dono", Lilias Circle Doctor

The head pharmacist for the Lirias Knight Circle. He gets his pharmaceutical supplies from the pharmacy at the Pharmacy Institute and when he is too ill to work is replaced temporarily by a pharmacist from the Institute as both the Knight Circle and the Institute are ultimately overseen by the royal family. He has at least one apprentice as an assistant.

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Pharmacist Apprentice

"Doctor Dono"'s apprentice, who is also a knight or knight in training at Lilias as he trains in the knight uniform alongside the knights and soldiers. Presumably this combination of training disciplines is to enable him to be an effective combat medic. Identifying features include his shorter height and thicker build than most of the other knights as well as his downturned heavily hooded eyes, light right parted hair, dark eyebrows and rounded ears.

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Matchmaking Knight (Unnamed Characters)

An energetic young knight at the Lilias Knight Circle who has three siblings, at least one of whom is a younger sister a couple of years younger than Obi. He tried to set up Obi and this sister for a marriage meeting but Obi turned down the proposal, and the knight's sister was very graceful about the whole thing and apologized to Obi for her brother's forcefulness and forced her brother to apologize as well. He has also tried to get Obi to go to dinners and other meet ups for singles, not understanding that Obi isn't looking for a relationship.

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Aspiring Poet Knight

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Clueless Lilias Knight

The only knight who attended the training exercises in Lilias that Zen joined in disguise who didn't realize the helmed knight was the prince. Identifying traits include his short light eyebrows, square jaw, wider than average nose and the fact that his right ear sticks out further than his left ear. His clauelessness is compounded by him being among those knights who reoutinly pick up minor injuries during training.

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Knight with Thick EyebrowsEdit

A knight who is usually seen with the "Clueless Knight" and who attended training sessions with a disguised Prince Zen, though unlike his friend he saw through the disguise quickly.

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The Seven Sentries The Seven Knights who were set the task of patrolling outside the city during the citywide shutdown in response to the Olin Maris poisoning before the cause and cure were found for the mysterious illness striking down people in Lilias. As they were outside of even the outermost curtain wall they had to camp out in the snow for the duration of the quarantine closure.

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Temporary Members/Visiting KnightsEdit

Sir Obi

Prince Zen Wistaria


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