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A perennial plant from the Aoshidare family that can lower fevers and alleviate pain when the roots are steamed and dried.

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  • A type of grass that produces a paralyze effect.

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Shiranagi Plant Edit

No Information.

Unnamed Plant Edit

Looks similar to the Shiranagi Plant but has different leaves.

  • Yukirenzu - it's a green fruit have to be left half a year after picking to ward off side effects.

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Rainbow Leaf Edit

One of five ingredients used in a compound for suppressing coughs. Best picked at sunrise when it's medical properties are at their most potent. Shirayuki picks some Rainbow Leaf and Coco Grass for Ryu after passing the exam to become and apprentice court herbalist.

Coco Grass Edit

One of five ingredients use some Rainbow Leaf and Coco Grass for Ryu after passing the exam to become an apprentice court herbalist.

Unnamed Flowers Edit

The flowers face up and bloom from late to early morning.

Yura Shigure & Akegi Shigure Edit

Yura Shigure and Akegi Shigure are two different varieties of the Shigure plant and look very similar until they bloom. If Yura Shigure is planted in the wrong condition, the correct conditions for Akegi Shigure for example, it won't bloom and will begin to produce and release sweet-tasting honey-like toxins that are fatal to plants. The toxins are not dangerous if ingested by humans as Shirayuki shows and then tells us when she drinks water from the aqueducts laced with the substance. The flower of Yura Shigure is a bright red color which Ryu, a young court herbalist who becomes Shirayuki's supervisor, compares her hair to.

Not much is said about Akegi Shigure as compared to it's Yura counterpart, however we do know that it is easy to mistake for Yura Shigure before it blooms and is planted in very different conditions to Yura Shigure, in fact, Yura Shigure will be unable to bloom if planted with Akegi Shigure.

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Roka fruitEdit

A small green fruit. Looks like an olive. It has a white four-pointed star on one side.

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  • Herbs to help with sore feet.

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She toka seedEdit

A good source of food, when at sea. But they produce a lot of smoke when you burn them.

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Volume 1 (Chapters 1-4) Edit

  • Deciduous Trees: The forest around the house just inside of Clarines where Shirayuki and Zen meet at is made up of deciduous trees. (Chapter 1)
  • Apples: (fruit only) Prince Raji sends poisoned apples to Shirayuki as part of his spiteful gift designed to frighten her into submission and allow him to capture and "court" her (he really doesn't realize at this point that what he's trying to do amounts to rape). (Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4)
  • Ferns: Raji has a vase with a bouquet of ferns on his table. (Chapter 1)
  • Ivy: There is ivy growing on the outside of the estate Raji has Shirayuki brought to. There is also ivy on the building Shirayuki stays in when she first moves to Clarines.(Chapter 1, Chapter 2)
  • Raspberry: There are raspberries growing in the planter outside Shirayuki's lodging in Clarines. (Chapter 2)
  • Pharmaceutical Plants from Mount Koto: Fictional: Shirayuki gathers pharmaceutical plants from the forest on Mount Koto which have a paralytic effect when burned. (Chapter 2)
  • Unnamed Pharmaceutical Plants: Shirayuki has plants she's working with wrapped in a cloth and bound to the book she's studying. (Chapter 3, Chapter 4)
  • Yuunaki: Fictional: A red herb. (Chapter 4)
  • Pharmaceutical Plants Grown in Wistal's Physic Garden:
    • Akegi Shigure: Fictional: A type of "Shigure" plant. (Chapter 4)
    • Yura Shigure: Fictional: A type of "Shigure" plant which is difficult to tell from Akegi Shirgure and can produce poison harmful to other plants which was placed in greenhouse 2 as part of the royal pharmacist exam.(Chapter 4)
    • Yukirenzu: Fictional: A pharmaceutical plant grown in greenhouse 2, the green fruits are picked and left to cure for half a year before use. (Chapter 4)

Volume 2 (Chapters 5-8) Edit

  • Apples: (fruit only) Recap of Prince Raji sending poisoned apples to Shirayuki as part of his spiteful gift. (Chapter 5)
  • Kokorou/Kokosoy: Fictional: A medicinal plant, or compound from a medicinal plant, that Ryuu was writing about when Shirayuki was introduced to him. (Chapter 5)
  • Yura Shigure: Fictional: A flowering medicinal plant which Ryuu has pressed and framed in his office. (Chapter 5)
  • Koko Grass: Fictional: A medicinal grass grown in the castle's physic garden which is best picked in at night for maximal efficacy.. (Chapter 5)
  • Nanairoha: Fictional: A medicinal plant grown in the castle's physic garden which is best picked in the evening or night for maximal efficacy. (Chapter 5)
  • Unnamed Medicinal Plants from the North: Fictional: (Chapter 6)
  • Unnamed Tree: Fictional: Tree with wood that spreads harmful grains when burned. (Chapter 6)
  • Potatoes: Used when cooking for the soldiers at Raxad Fortress. (Chapter 7)
  • Lily: There's a lily in a vase in Izana's room that he plucks the petals from while critiquing and questioning Zen's recent actions. (Chapter 8)

Volume 3 (Chapters 9-12) Edit

Loca Nuts


  • Apples: (fruit only) Mention of Raji accidentally poisoning Zen when he tried to force Shirayuki to become his concubine using poison. (Chapter 9)
  • Roses: Used to highlight Raji's thoughts of his own charm.
  • Loca: Fictional: A plant with seeds used in pharmaceutical compounds grown in it's own greenhouse in Wistal's physic garden due to the side effects of breathing it too much. Like Yukirenzu it is jarred and left to cure for half a year before being used as medicine. (Chapter 11)
  • Walnut Stone: Fictional: seed from a tree on Juris Island which can be polished and drilled to become a small flute/whistle.(Chapter 12)

Volume 4 (Chapters 13-17) Edit

Volume 5 (Chapters 18-21 + Special Story 1) Edit

Volume 6 (Chapters 22-25) Edit

Volume 7 (Chapters 26-29 + Special Story 2) Edit

  • Shikaras: Fictional: (seeds only) A plant with medicinally useful seeds which are kept in the Wistal Castle Pharmacy. (Chapter 27)

Volume 8 (Chapters 30-33) Edit

Volume 9 (Chapters 34-39) Edit

Olin Maris

Olin Maris

  • Conifer Trees: Conifer trees grow in Clarine's northern mountain forests like those around Lilias. (multiple appearances)
  • Olin Maris (オリンマリス; Orin Marisu): Fictional: A bioluminescent plant with blue-green flowers containing potentially fatal toxins that can be released and spread quickly if the seeds are submerged in hot water. (multiple appearances)
  • Larcor: Fictional: (seeds only) A plant with seeds used in ink making. (Chapter 37)
  • Serios: Fictional: (leaves only) A plant with leaves used in ink making. (Chapter 37)
  • Kusunogi: Fictional: A plant used in ink making. (Chapter 37)
  • Kalmoer: Fictional: A plant used in ink making. (Chapter 37)

Volume 10 (Chapters 40-44) Edit

Volume 11 (Chapters 45-49 + Special Story 3) Edit

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Volume 13 (Chapters 56-60) Edit

Volume 14 (Chapters 61-65 + Special Story 4) Edit

Volume 15 (Chapters 66-71) Edit

  • Olin Maris (オリンマリス; Orin Marisu): Fictional:
  • "the plant that can sprout in minerals": Fictional: An exotic gift to the Pharmacy from Yuzuri and one of the plants she's most exited about having collected on her travels. (Chapter 70, Chapter 71)

Volume 16 (Chapters 72-77) Edit

  • Leye: Fictional: Fruits only. A plant grown at the Pharmacological Institute in Lilias which has fruits used in medicine for the Northern Flu. (Chapter 72)
  • Olin Maris (オリンマリス; Orin Marisu): Fictional:

Volume 17 (Chapters 78-83) Edit

Volume 18 (Chapters 84-90) Edit

Volume 19 (Chapters 91-96) Edit

  • Onions: Used in the stew made by Shirayuki, Obi, Zen, Ryuu and Kirito when they camp out for a night. (Chapter 91)
  • Grapes: Grapes and grape wine are a large part of the harvest festival held on the Seiran lands. (Chapter 93)

Volume 20 (Chapters 97-102) Edit

Volume 21? (Chapters 103-?) Edit

Phostyrias Ch 104
  • Luoxin: Fictional: A pharmaceutical plant with fruit morphologically resembling citrus fruit grown in the greenhouses of the Pharmacological Institute in Lilias . (Chapter 105)
  • Olin Maris (オリンマリス; Orin Marisu): Fictional:
  • Phostyrias (フォスティリアス; Fosutiriasu): Fictional: A non-toxic light red ornamental cultivar of Olin Maris created by a team of researchers in Lilias. It's name is so different from the plant it was derived from to help keep the public from associating it with the dangers of Olin Maris.
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