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Father Bergatt
 Gender Male
 Age (deceased)
Professional Status
 Affiliation Bergatt House
 Occupation Earl, Former Head of Bergatt House
 Title Lord Bergatt, Earl
Personal Status
 Relatives Touka Bergatt (Son, heir)
Tariga Bergatt (Son)
Tsuruba Bergatt (Son)
Countess Bergatt (wife)
 Relationships House Tohz (vassals), House Arleon (rivals)
 Manga Chapter 81

Earl Bergatt is the murdered former head of House Bergatt. He fathered at least three children with his wife.


Prior to his death he kept his light hair short and paired with a short beard and mustache.


A harsh proud man. He did not have the kind of mentality or bearing to act silently and create devious plots to divert attention and blame away from his actions like his heir.


Lord Bergatt was the overbearing and domineering former head of the Bergatt House. He was murdered by his eldest son who felt he wasn't going far enough to try and reclaim the family's former glory and maintain their power in the face of a disapproving regent. During his tenure lands that had traditionally been overseen by the Bergatts were transferred to the Arleon's holdings by Queen Haruto Wistaria.


Countess BergattEdit

His wife is a mystery as nothing about her besides her implied existence is known, given his three sons' legitimate status. Given the laws of Clarines she consented to their marriage though if it was purely a politically motivated union inspired by his wealth and power or one which had any basis in interest in the man himself is unknown. She has at least three children and it is not known if she still lives or who she has backed in the family's squabbles for power.

Touka BergattEdit

His heir and one of three known characters to have held the title Lord Bergatt. Touka fought with his father over what he claimed was his father's too rough and unrefined attempts to regain the family's traditional lands and power after the Royal family took a number of their lands and gave their administration to House Arleon instead. In truth Touka wished to be even more ruthless in the pursuit of power than his father and he ended up poisoning the Earl and using his death and his inherited title from him to rally both sides of the family schism behind him as he switched gears to act more in line with his father's policies.


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