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 Gender Male
 Age 40+
Professional Status
 Affiliation Wirant
 Occupation Noble Lord/Seigneur, Head of House Tohz, Ciminal
 Title Lord Tohz
Personal Status
 Status Deposed
 Relatives Lord Tohz the Younger (son), younger son
 Relationships Touka Bergatt (Liege Lord), Lord Bergatt (former Liege Lord)
 Manga Chapter 76 (mentioned only)

Lord Tohz is the head of the Tohz family, one of the families which act as vassals to the . He and his eldest son aided Touka Bergatt in his plot to manipulate and control, or failing that assassinate Prince Zen Wistaria who is set to become the suzerain of the entire Wirant district in which the Bergatt and Tohz family estates lay.


Lord Tohz is a conniving and backstabbing man, who is loyal to his local Leige Lord but not to his monarch and has raised at least two of his sons to be the same.


His age implies he served the Lord Bergatt preceding Touka, and his loyalty to the family continued after Touka murdered his father and became the new head of the Bergatt house. He has thereby spent decades willingly plotting against the House of Wistaria despite their being his monarchs and regents.

Touka's plot against Prince Zen led to both Touka and Lord Tohz being caught acting against the crown and having been responsible for attacks against members of the Tisua, Sion, Valerie and Lugis families, in addition to being behind the attacks aimed to misdirect attention on his own knighted son and Touka's younger brother Tsuruba Bergatt. While the ultimate angle of the attacks to isolate and, as it turned out assassinate, Prince Zen was kept from the public he and Touka were arrested, deposed and imprisoned for what they had done.


Just what title within Clarines' feudal system he held is unknown, but he is higher than a tenant and therefore at least some kind of seigneur, and is vassal to an Earl so is possibly a viscount which is the only title lower than earl to be confirmed to exist in the kingdom.

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