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Makiri Arleon
 Kanji マキリ・アールリオン
 Romaji Makiri Ārurion
 Gender Male
Professional Status
 Occupation Lord and Head of Lilias
 Title Lord and Head of Lilias
Personal Status
 Status Lord of Lilias
 Birthplace Lilias
 Relatives Haki (Sister)

Izana Wistaria (Future Brother-in-Law)

 Relationships Izana
 Manga Chapter 36

Makiri Arleon (マキリ・アールリオン; Makiri Ārurion) is Haki's brother. He is the lord and head of Lilias. He is the older brother to Haki. His sister, Haki is engaged to King Izana making him the king’s future brother-in-law.

Appearance Edit

Makiri is a male in his twenties with fair skin. He has long dark-colored hair. He has short hair with two strands of dark-colored hair decorating the front of his face.

Personality Edit

He is shown to be rather cold and judgmental. He is also a shrewd individual and can come off as very intimidating when he wants to. He seems to strongly dislike the King Izana Wistaria. His majesty’s younger brother, Zen Wistaria to him is rather strange saying that Prince Zen had his own way of doing things. He comments Prince Zen to being “someone who often bends things outside of common sense.” His confrontation with Former Prince Izana in chapter 36 is known to hold resentment as he questions Former Prince Izana Wistaria why he sent orders to close Lilias gates due to him being in charge and the lord of Lilias.

Relationships Edit

Haki Edit

Izana Wistaria Edit

Quotes Edit

"His highness Zen is someone who often bends things outside of common sense" —To Shirayuki, Obi, and Ryuu
"I hope that this approval from Lilias may prove to be of help to you… I look forward to good results." —To Shirayuki, Obi, and Ryuu

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