Gender Male
 Age older than 19
Professional Status
 Occupation Knight?
 Title Sir Michal
Personal Status
 Status Noble?
 Friendships Mitsuhide Rouen
 Manga Chapter 42

Michal is an acquaintance of Mitsuhide's who in the past was questioned by young women about Mitsuhide's whereabouts when seen at gatherings without him.


Five years ago Michal was a young man near Mitsuhide's age with light colored hair.


Michal is a genial young man who keeps smiling when young women approach him only to ask where Mitsuhide is and doesn't give up his friend's poor hiding spot even though the pregnant pause in his response and glance indicate he knows exactly where Mitsuhide has run off to. He does evidently tell Zen where Mitsuhide is hiding when the prince asks.


Michal accompanied Mitsuhide at the ball in Wistal Palace where Mitsuhide and Kiki first met, and helped Mitsuhide hide from admirers after Mitshide had enough and fled from Zen and the party to hide in an alcove. though it took Mitsuhide a while to realize the young swordsman Kiki and the young noble lady who had hidden from the party in the same alcove as him were one and the same. The gentlewomen who approached Michal at the ball expected Mitsuhide to be with him making it clear that their friendship was well known at the time, and combined with the manner in which they addressed him the implication is that he is one of the knights of Sereg, though this is never clarified nor is he shown in enough detail to identify him with any of the knights from the fortress where Mitsuhide trained.


Mitsuhide and Michal's friendship was well known in the palace five year prior to the story's start, though the status of their relationship by the time Shirayuki arrived in Clarines is unknown as Michal has not been seen in the present.



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